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Wanted! Need a friend to lose weight together

Hi there,
I'm planning to start my diet on July 14 till September 11. Is anyone out there is interested of doing it with me and share ideas what to do? Every Sunday I will make plans to follow for the rest of the week. The food and a form of exercise. If you are willing please send me a message. Or we keep an update online. I think this will motivates us a lot.
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That's what we're here for!  There is a group of us here who are participating actively in our challenge.  We all support each other and on every Sunday morning we put up two posts.  One is your change in weight from the week before and another one for a chat about your successes or issues.  We encourage everyone to utilize the weight tracker and food diary (the food diary is the only thing that has worked for me - I really need to be held accountable and seeing what things really contain in calories, etc. has made a huge difference).  You  might also want to use the water tracker, exercise tracker or even the sleep tracker (sleep really helps with weight loss).  Feel free to post any questions or concerns and take a look at the health pages (top right) for some great ideas for your journey.
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TrudieC said it all - we are here to support and encourage each other.  Whatever issues/questions you have, just post them and we will all do our best to help you out - whether it's questions about your menus, exercise ideas or whatever.  

There is strength in numbers.......................
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