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What Are Your Exercise Goal For THe Week>?

Had the amazingly great idea of everyone getting on here and making themselves accountable for exercise goals for the week. -This shud be interesting!

Here is mine for the week

100 crunches per day x 7 = 700 crunches
3 days of  30 minutes Joggin 90 minutes
Foot ball Thursday night
Volleyball Sunday night
Strength exercises 4 days this week

So What Is Your Exercise Plan Of The Week?>
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Umm, to do something?  Anything?!!!
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I plan on
Riding my mountain bike for an hour x 4 days
Pailates (did I spell that right, well if I cant spell it  I do know how to do it ; )  )
Pailates for thirty min x 3 nights
and clean my house on the weekend.

100 crunches....ouch ...You go! Im lucky to do like twenty

Wish you both well,

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Hey! That's an awesome goal!

I have done the 100 crunches for the day! and now off to the 30 mins joggin!

The weather is beautiful outside and i think i am going to enjoy it!

Let me know how you girls get on!
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This is a great idea .. and we can track our progress on our exercise tracker!!!

Mine is aerobic workout 2 x
Walking around the lake 2 x
New workout video 2 x

1 aerobic workout done.
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Another 200 crunches gone and 2times strength sessiond done!

Crossong off things from ma list gives me a new thrill!
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Since I have last posted
I have biked x2
Pailate x1
two hours of house work
and to make ya proud Skailark, I even did thrity crunches today
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Yea! That's what iam talking about Red! your crunches rock and echoes throguh. Your sparkling attitude gets everyone going! You rock on girl!
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One more Pailate done and thrity ONE crunches ; )

How is everyone else doing?
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Foot Ball Night was amazing...feel fit as a hell...crunches are flying by!

I am so proud of you Red and everyone else who are making a difference!
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Walking at noon time .. around a water feature at work ... kind of like walking around the block .. going to get my 20 minutes in.  

What's everyone doing today?
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I did some quick pailates this AM and had to do some mad houscleaning. I had a party for my children today for halloween. they had about seven of their little friends over. Of course there was all kinds of goodies around but I did well. ....I had a few bad cookies and a piece of pizza but I go on the method of just a little so I do not go completely nuts one day on something.

How are you guys doing.

I love to walk , it is so crapy out right now We cant even get the bikes out. Rainy and very cold today. : (

Skailark I am sure you rocked today...

So I plan on continueing this even if the challange is over, how about you guys?
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Deifinitely will continue the good work even when the challenge is over!

Have been a good day today with me getting the crunches in and having and always good to have that extra burst of energy!

Red you are doing wonderfully well...Great Job!
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Thanks : )
You are doing an awesome job your self.

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Hi Everyone.  Can I join you this week?  My exercise goals are for 1 hr workout daily, including strength training, yoga and aerobics, plus at least a 20 minute walk every day with our 2 dogs (weather permitting).  
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Another Bike workout in the bag ( brrr 35 degree weather)
35 Crunches and Still have to make dinner and clean the house.

Barb...you can chime in anytime. It is so nice to see how everyone is doing.

Wishing you all well.

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Barb 135 - Of course you can join us barb! The more the merrier! Just make sure when you complete task you report it to here on the thread...otherwise you will be charged with "Conspiracy to hide valuable information from the team" LOL....just ignore me um funny!

Red you are really on fire! awesome work lady..such an inspiration to all of us!

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You guys are sooo inspiring!  Red .. am digging out my pilates tape and Skailark, amazing crunches!  Going to start those as well .. will be a new experience since the panniculectomy surgery in April (removed 12 lbs of excess skin).  Barb, absolutely join us!!!  Jump right in and let's keep inspiring each other!!!  We most definitely continue all of this inbetween the challenges.  Have some fun Halloween things in the works and another challenge coming within a couple weeks.  Keep those bodies moving and shout it out!!!!
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YAY everyone, this all sounds GREAT!!!

Last week I did ifell a little short of 100 crunches to reaching my goals, and they were not unrealistic, so this week  I am going to reach my goals!! No excuses!

This is ma plan for the week!-------

3 1/2 hour sessions of Aerobibs

100 crunches 5 days this week

Treadmill 3 times this week 30 mins each

Strength training - 3 days this week

Volleyball and Badminton once each this wee

I always feel WAY better when I exercise and have more energy! So this week I am   not giving myself or my memory any excuses, lol!!

I am so motivated after reading everyone's goals!!!
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40 minutes of a workout that raises my heartrate 6 days this week.
Stretches and yoga before bed.
75 crunches and 50 leglifts(per leg) per day.
15 push ups every day this week (I need to rebuild that upper body strength!)
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I am planning on two more bike rides this week, 1 hour each
My work out tapes tae bo  1hour  x3  (Billy Blanks kicks my butt)
walking the other two days.

I want to make it to fifty crunches this week and work on my upper body.

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Will exercise 4 days this week .. between aerobics, walking, weights and pilates .. and 3 x with the crunches .. but have a long way to go to catch up with Skailark .. loll

Will be entering this in my exercise tracker to keep me honest .. how about each of you?
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I made it to the gym yesterday and am going again today!  If nothing else, the stress release that I felt after a weekend of working with a special needs kid....I felt a complete 180 in mood from before I stepped on that cardio machine and did those weights until after.  And I feel so much better about myself when I work out!  Now...why was I procrastinating??
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I have to modify my goals for this week Booooohooooo : (

I have had such terrible ankle pain but I have been blowing it off for a week now. I had one of the Mds that I work for look at it today and they believe that I have torn or did something to a tendon in it. So I am grounded from bike riding and anything that will "stress" that foot for at least a week......oooohhh I am so upset.

I will instead do my pilate work out, and increase my crunches daily by at least one this week, and also do something for my upper body.
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Hey! you take good care of yourself...and love your determination! you are one inspirational woman!
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