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What Are Your Exercise Goal For THe Week>?

Had the amazingly great idea of everyone getting on here and making themselves accountable for exercise goals for the week. -This shud be interesting!

Here is mine for the week

100 crunches per day x 7 = 700 crunches
3 days of  30 minutes Joggin 90 minutes
Foot ball Thursday night
Volleyball Sunday night
Strength exercises 4 days this week

So What Is Your Exercise Plan Of The Week?>
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Yea! That's what iam talking about Red! your crunches rock and echoes throguh. Your sparkling attitude gets everyone going! You rock on girl!
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One more Pailate done and thrity ONE crunches ; )

How is everyone else doing?
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Foot Ball Night was amazing...feel fit as a hell...crunches are flying by!

I am so proud of you Red and everyone else who are making a difference!
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Walking at noon time .. around a water feature at work ... kind of like walking around the block .. going to get my 20 minutes in.  

What's everyone doing today?
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I did some quick pailates this AM and had to do some mad houscleaning. I had a party for my children today for halloween. they had about seven of their little friends over. Of course there was all kinds of goodies around but I did well. ....I had a few bad cookies and a piece of pizza but I go on the method of just a little so I do not go completely nuts one day on something.

How are you guys doing.

I love to walk , it is so crapy out right now We cant even get the bikes out. Rainy and very cold today. : (

Skailark I am sure you rocked today...

So I plan on continueing this even if the challange is over, how about you guys?
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Deifinitely will continue the good work even when the challenge is over!

Have been a good day today with me getting the crunches in and having and always good to have that extra burst of energy!

Red you are doing wonderfully well...Great Job!
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