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What about THIS weekend?

What are YOU going to do THIS weekend for YOUR HEALTH???  



Positive Choices?

Challenging times?

Let's share these ideas and keep each other motivated along the way!!!  

Personally, I'm headed to the lake to boat, fish, vacuum a HUGE house (yes, that IS exercise), go for a L O N G walk and eat healthy.  Had cereal and milk for breakfast and heading out in a few minutes ..

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be trying to work on a computer up there later today.

(((Hugs))) to all .. and .. if you're feeling down or disheartened .. GET UP AND GET OUTSIDE!  Really, I know it can be difficult to do . but if you do and focus on nature and the beauty of "little" things .. trees blooming, birds singing, flowers dancing .. and just walk .. I promise you'll feel better.  That's what I'm doing ..
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I LIKE your thinking! House work IS exercise. I do sweeping mopping laundry DAILY. Most days from 8 in the morning till at least 3 pm Im doing house  work. Today...Im being lazy and not doing it =P
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Sometimes I take a break from my sedentary job and do housework simply for the exercise aspect.  

This weekend I will continue to work towards positive choices, such as eating breakfast and lunch, and plan to get a long walk in on Saturday, along with taking a buddy shopping who needs a ride.  Walmart is a big place, so a little walking to be done there as well.  
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me steve1954 and our 5yr old grandson is going climbing up a mountain they call the wrekin.its Height is:407m 1336ft, i hope we can make it to the top,wish us luck
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Lucey - I LIKE YOUR Thinking and want to welcome you to the community!  You're right .. there are many things we do that IS exercise.  Like .. pulling weeds and mowing the yard.  If anybody needs a workout .. I'll give you directions to my house .. lolll

Lucinda - I LIKE YOUR Spunk and love the way your keep making such positive changes and incorporating them into your day.  By the way .. don't you have a little dog that gives you some exercise now and then???  ;)

ELAINE and STEVE - I LOVE YOUR Determination!  You are my heroes!  Best of luck on the climb and Kuddos to you for including your 5-year-old grandson!!!  Way to go setting and example WITH him!  Oh do let us know how it went!

Keep up the GREAT WORK TEAM!!!!  Let's shout out some more activities .. this is team building and encouraging!  
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I have a huge amount of housework and cooking to do tomorrow.  Got all my shopping done tonight.  I am hosting a baby shower/family party here on Sunday.  Healthy food but there will be some desserts.  I will vow not to pig out.
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This weekend...meaning tomorrow. I have TONS of laundry to do...which means I have to take it to the laundry room at our apartments. We live on the second floor so hauling the laundry up and down the stairs will be part of it.
I plan on doing my WII active sometime tomorrow, taking a day off at the gym.
Sunday I plan on doing wii active if that is not a rest day on the 30 day challenge, and also going to the gym sometime.
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LOL!  Ranae....yes, I do have a mini pinscher who escapes approximately three to four times a week.  He loves to run and runs probably about a 1/4 mile, all the while looking back to make sure that someone is chasing him....it's no fun if they aren't chasing him.  ; )  
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