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What food do you WISH were diet food but isn't, so you don't eat it?

I have things I love.  Adore.  Dream of.  I tell my husband that these things are him but in reality . . .  they involve sugar.  Ha.  What foods to you tend to stay away from that you MISS and wish were good for you so you could have it more often?
(Silly, just for fun question)
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Neapolitan ice cream
Rice Krispie treats
Maple cookies
Mars bars
Snickers bars
Reese's peanut butter cups
and of course
Dr. Pepper

Get the feeling I am leaning towards the sweet things? lol

I thought rice crispy treats were good for us.  :>))))
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LOL, your list is long.

Dr. Pepper
Pumpkin Spice Latte
ALL candy
cheese cake
hot fudge sundaes
ben and jerry's ice cream, fudge brownie
fudge brownies period
milk shakes

Ya, I'm hungry!
You're saying *my* list is long? lol
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Hey, SM - steak is good for you as long as it's lean, antibiotic, steroid, blah, blah, blah free... lol   Seriously, good fresh meat is healthy as long as we eat it in moderation - even some meat fat isn't bad for us as long as we don't get carried away...

I'm not a real sweets lover, though I go in spurts with it.  If I were going to want a sweet to be healthy, it would probably be Butterfingers candy bars or milk duds...  My main crave, though is potato chips for snacking and mac and cheese for meals or a grilled cheese sammy with Campbell's Tomato soup for a quick lunch...

I could also add mashed potatoes and gravy
chicken and dumplings
homemade noodles
scalloped potatoes and ham
you get where I'm going... :-)
Oh gosh, yes yes and yes.  I'm with you on all the comfort things.  What about that potato hash brown casserole made with sour cream?  Oh ya, that's some good stuff.
And chicken and dumplings like the Cracker Barrel variety, so delish.  My own dumplings are good but probably not too bad for you.  
Mac and cheese.  Heck yes.  

What about nacho cheese or just nachos???  Love that too  
And grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my faves too.  

Okay, this is probably not a good thread for the weight loss community.  But they say smelling food will lesson your desire to eat it.  I wonder if obsessing and fantasizing about it too would do the same.

Steak gives me stomach issues.  It feels really hard for me to digest. But I still will eat it on occasion.  The Mediterranean that is touted as so healthy has pretty much no meat like that included.  ??  Thoughts on that?

Studies have confirmed that the Mediterranean diet that contains mostly fish, chicken, and legumes for protein, healthful fats and vegetables is the best for most of us. However, even that incorporates some red meat.  That seems to be a matter of whether or not one can tolerate/digest it or not. Of course, if a food causes digestive issues the best thing to do is to avoid it.

As for the noodles and other comfort foods - the main reason I avoid them along with most bread, etc. is because of the digestive issues it causes.  I've been mostly gluten/dairy free for over a year and if my NP head her way I wouldn't even "look" at anything containing gluten, dairy, sugar, or soy.  I don't eat soy so that's not a problem.  I don't do a lot of dairy so no problem there either...
Ooh, my fave bread thing is stuffing. Nice that Thanksgiving is coming up. Chestnut stuffing could be my entire meal and I would not complain.
Oh yes... bread stuffing with that awesome giblet gravy... yummy!!  I'll even add a bit it dark turkey meat and give someone else my share of the sweet potatoes... lol
I really enjoyed reading about the husband and the sweets and especially enjoyed reading the comments fantastic and made me laugh the comments were so sweet adorable did she take fat free nonfat cream cheese and mix with a little if a GE Greek nonfat yogurt and equal or Truvia is really heaven taste fattening and is it both of them are zero fat can burn the calories up easily very satisfying 4 hours and hours unlike Chinese food they say after Chinese food one is ready to eat again I say if the Chinese food is extremely good and made properly and isn't over-salted in greasy and fatty then you don't want to go back and eat immediately afterwards
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