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What is your Destiny?

To a woman who complained about her destiny the Master said, "It is you who make your destiny."

"But surely I am not responsible for being born a woman?"

"Being born a woman isn't destiny. That is fate. Destiny is how you accept your womanhood and what you make of it."

- Anthony de Mello, One Minute Wisdom

Winston Churchill once said our destiny is not a matter of chance, it is more a matter of choice. And our destiny isn't something we wait for to happen, it is something to be Achieved. Therefore, what we make of our lives isn't accidental. It's a result of our choices, our intentions and our actions. We have full control over where we are heading.

If your destiny is in your hands, where will you be taking it?

We recall many conversations with family and close friends who "wanted to be doing", "going to be doing", "have been thinking about doing", but when asked what progress they have made, the answer always plays out like this:

"It's not the right time....."
"I've been so busy....."
"It's not in the cards....."
"Know one seems to want to....."
"Still waiting on....."

And our favorite, "Still thinking about it."

What happened?

If you truly and really want to Achieve something, then you've got to start right where you stand. Stop waiting for a perfect moment! There is not a more perfect moment for you to start than right now. If you are passionate about it, then you'll put aside everything to achieve it. Don't get ready to get ready. And who cares what others might think or say. This is your destiny. You're the one living it out, so live it the way you've always wanted.

You are capable, deserving, and worthy of all Achievements. Set your goals for this year and take a look at them everyday. Take the actions necessary to get closer each day. You are destined for Success. Believe it, Commit to it, Decide on it, Take Action, Have Passion and Achieve it!
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This is wonderfully uplifting.
Winston Churchill was not only a great leader, but a wonderful person, he made some great statements that still hold true today.

Thanks Elaine
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Very inspiring!  I truly believe in these words.  Now to apply it to my weight loss!  
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I to am trying to apply this. in particular the last statement,
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