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I have a hard time getting motivated to diet and exercise, it gets harder when I go to the store and see the prices of diet foods. Are there any suggestions for low cost dieting?
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I never dieted and lost around 70 lbs.  I knew that in order for me to do this for life (did relapse and gained back 33 lbs, now within 9 lbs of goal once again!), I had to do something that would work for me.  That being said, I should be quick to add that I had no MAJOR health problems and I had tried many diet plans (WW, Jenny Craig, Atkins, cabbage soup diet, you name it!!!).  Guess what?  ALL OF THEM WORKED!  Yep.  For a time.  But I always gained back my lost weight and maybe more.

So, I decided this time I was going to do my own thing.  It was kind of a fluke, I guess.  I just started walking because of my 4th knee surgery.  It made me feel good that I was doing something positive, so I started making better food choices.  I started losing weight.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I did make a conscious effort to increase protein, fiber, water (DIDN'T DRINK ANY!!!) and fruits and veggies, and decrease simple carbs (which comes naturally as you increase the other stuff (you're full!).  OH!  BIGGIE:  I eat 3 servings of low fat dairy per day, even if it's a glass of chocolate milk after a workout because it's all I have time for.  Great after workout snack because it's a super combination of carbs and protein.

But, I do exercise MORE now than I have ever done in my life!  

I kept a food journal for the first 2-3 months.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.  Sometimes, I have to go back and do this again; it's a great tool.  AND, I measured myself on the first of every month because even when I hit plateaus, it was encouraging to still see inches moving.

By eating what my family eats, it's pretty low-cost.  I do keep in the cabinet JUST FOR ME the South Beach bars that have 10g of protein JUST FOR EMERGENCIES when I don't have time for my regular Yoplait Original 99% fat free yogurt for breakfast if I'm running late.  The SB bars would get expensive to eat every day, plus I think "real food" healthier and 3 servings of dairy gives me ths 1000mg of calcium my doctor recommends.  

Plus, studies have indicated that 3 servings per day of low-fat dairy have helped people lose weight AND maintain weight loss.  AND, I'M FROM WISCONSIN, THE DAIRY STATE, AND MAYBE I'LL BE OFFERED A JOB IF I DO A GOOD JOB OF PLUGGING THE DAIRY...?  No, women need the calcium anyway, but so do men.  And if it aids in weight loss/maintenance - hurray!

Good luck, whatever you choose.  If willpower is NOT your "thing", Weight Watchers is probably the best option.  Although Atkins is pretty good for men if you are in good health...

Stick around here and let us know how you are doing.
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I agree with Twehner!! That's the best advice! i tried to buy all that stuff in the beginning too and it was the grocery bill waaaay too high! So now i just regular food but stuff i know is still not bad!! Cereal i get honey nut cheerios (the cheap brand of course) get sugar free jello its not exepensive and it super low cals. buy chicken and tuna tuna is not expensive and its very good for you chicken is expensive but i buy a big bag and it lasts me through the week!!
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I'm ashamed of you twehner - you took that response right off computer screen!!  

Well, I have to agree with what she said anyway, even if it was my idea!  

Deacon2009 - There are several web sites where you can start a food journal to track your calories and they also let you track the nutritional value.  Spark people and live strong are 2 of them.  

Try to buy as much fresh fruit and veggies as you can, and if you can't buy fresh, go for frozen as it more like fresh than canned and doesn't have a lot of added sodium and other "stuff".  

There are a lot of recipes for low cost meats, etc.  You can check out the healthy cooking forum and also spark people and live strong have good recipes too.  

Make sure you get plenty of protein and fiber to keep your blood sugar levels even, and of course the 3 daily servings of dairy.  Stick with whole grains for breads, cereals, etc.  

Make sure you get plenty of various types of exercise and stick with us - we'll lead you in the right direction.  
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I have learned to use alot of turkey breast and chicken. I still eat home made mexican food. However, I use less meat and more veggies. Try turkey meat mixed with taco seasoning and add sliced cabbage, toms, sliced carrotts and add non flavored yogurt for sour cream. Oh and hot sauce. Then wrap it up with whole wheat wraps... YUMMO! I eat alot of the same foods, I just add veggies to things I would have never thought to do in the past. Whole wheat everything from breads to pasta. My kids even think I am a little strange, however, they are starting to like it too.... ;)

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