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Why did I gain weight eating low fat?

I gained 3 pounds doing a low fat / fat free diet.  I am so confused.  I put myself on a low fat diet, I didn't eat any junk like I normally do.  My husband brought home two pies and I didn't eat them.  As soon as I saw I gained 3 pounds, I resumed my normal eating and loss the 3 pounds.  Now my weight is right back where I started from.  
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It could be the sodium. Whenever they take out something, like fat, they replace it with something else to keep up the flavor. Sodium is usually the first pick. Some people, myself included, feel like they can eat a little more of something when it's, "low fat or fat free." Make sure you drink plenty of water and read all the labels. Compare the regular and the low fat to see if you'll really benefit from the switch. You need good fats so even if you cut out the bad make sure to include the good ones like, olive and canola. Most people would see results if they cut back a little on what they normally eat. If on Friday night the family has pizza and you eat four slices, eat just two or three with all the veggies you can fit and then add a salad to make sure your full. If you drink soda cut it down by half and replace it with tea or flavored water. Some people eat very well, they just eat a little too much. And don't forget the power of exercise. Some people add two hours a week of exercise and start losing weight.  I'm not sure what your regular routine is but I hope this helps.
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More effective than a fat-free diet, it cutting back on everything across the board. Some exaggerated diets so distort the taste of food that you don't enjoy the lessened amounts that you do eat. In any case your body needs fat and cutting it out is not good for your health.I read somewhere that you actually need to eat fat to burn calories. At least I think that is what I read.
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