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Will I lose weight this way or go into starvation mode?

Ok so in the last year and a half i have put on a stone and a half of weight. I became 10.5 stone (147lb). My target weight is 9- 9.5 stone (126-133lb) and I am 23yr old female 5’5. I have never eaten really unhealthily but i guess i have been eating a little more lately, so i decided to go on a diet 5 days ago. I am consuming about 1,100 calories per day and i am now exercising for an extra hour per week at the gym.

So i weighed myself today and i discovered that i had lost nearly half a stone (7lb) after 5 days, however i assume this is all water weight.  Im not sure how you lose water weight but I have been drinking alot more than i usually do so this might be the reason?

I have suffered with bad digestion problems and bloating for a few years now and i have noticed that i have less bloating in my stomach the last few days, although i do not look like i have lost any weight apart from that. I have read that if you consume less than 1,500 calories then your body will go into starvation mode and you will not lose weight, but im not sure if this is true because when i was 18 i didn’t eat much at all and i was really skinny and weighed 8.5 stone (119lb). So surely that would disprove the starvation theory?

Also i dont really want to eat more at the moment as my stomach has felt so much better the last few days eating less food. So what i want to know is will i lose weight this way? I want a permanent weight loss not just temporary.

To summarise my changes:
-Before:  Eat 1,900 calories per day, walk 40 mins per day
-Now:  Eat 1,100 calories per day, walk 40 mins per day, 1 hour of gym per week.

I would be so grateful for any responses/help. Thanks in advance.
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I eat 1200 calories a day, and ive lost 80 lbs in 8 months, i think you will be ok
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It's usually recommended that women not drop below 1200 calories/day.  
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Cool, thanks so much for your responses... i hope it works! :)
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Are you eating dairy? Sounds like you may be lactose intolerant
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