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Would this eating plan work ?

Hi, I have been struggling with loosing weight the last few months tried so many diets ect , I have decided to make things simple and just walk everyday and eat a low calorie diet

Breakfast- low far yogut with fruit

Lunch -  whole meal bread with tuna / low fat cheese and Salad

Dinner - fish or chicken with lots of vegetables

I will be drinking water and fruit for snacks if hungry

Any advice or help would be great really need to loose weight and want it to be a healthy lifestyle change , thank you
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If you're young, just walking might not do it.  If you've been completely sedentary, doing anything that adds movement will help, but again, if you're young, you might want to look into something more vigorous than walking.  As far as diet, what you want to do is change your metabolism in two ways -- exercise and eating healthy foods gives you energy and burns energy, and second, eating foods that don't metabolize quickly into sugar and that you digest well will keep things moving instead of sticking around.  Personally, I think your diet is overloaded with dairy, which isn't digested well by most humans, but some people do lose weight eating a lot of it.  That doesn't make it healthy to eat it, as there are a lot of inflammation and digestion problems and problems overloading with calcium causing magnesium problems, but you can still lose weight eating it.  Personally, I believe in a balanced diet with only a moderate amount of animal protein -- meaning complex carbs such as whole grains for stamina, enough protein but not overdoing it as it can help with short-term weight loss but isn't the healthiest way to eat long-term, and lots of different colored veggies.  But diet is a variable thing -- the one you've listed might just be perfect for you provided it's not so low-calorie you're not getting sufficient nutrients.  Nobody knows what the ideal diet is, we only know by looking at people over long periods of time who seems to do better both with health and with weight and even then it's a generalization, as some within the group will do much better than others within the group.  Try it and see how it goes.
If you follow the plan which you mentioned, its definitely calorie deficit plan, but I am sure the calories will be less than Your BMR, and its not good to go less than it. You should be eating around your BMR and less than TEE for weight loss. I would suggest you to http://getsetgo.fitness/#/public/diet/ visit this page and check your BMR and look for few simple diet plans and this is surely gona change your life style. I could do it by following flexible dieting and hope even you can.
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