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breakfast ideas that are filling??

Ok, I am not one that eats healthy, but since I had my hysterectomy, I want to lose some weight. I have no idea how to eat healthy. My family dont eat healthy. Nor do they exercise. Any of you have any ideas? Thanks!!
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Good breakfast ideas are a high fiber/low fat/low sugar cereal with some low fat milk and some sliced fruit.  A multi-grain or whole wheat piece of toast or English muffin with peanut butter and some fruit is good.  Eat fruit instead of drinking juice so you get full when you eat the calories.  Oatmeal is another great food to eat to keep you full - try putting it in muffins, pancakes or on its own.  Eggs are a healthy alternative if cooked in a dab of olive oil or else with PAM or just boiled or poached.

Outside of breakfast try to reduce your white carbs (potatoes, white rice, white pasta, white breads) and eat more complex and healthy carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, brown rice pasta, and whole grain bread).  Reduce your consumption of fatty meats and exchange for lean meats, fish, and chicken.  Try adding beans and legumes to your diet.  Add vegetables and look for delicious ways to cook them.  Try the Healthy Cooking forum here on MedHelp for some great recipes.  Use canola oil and olive oil and reduce your use of butter and other oils.  

For exercising, just give simple walking a try.  It is amazing what a difference just that can make.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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I had a myomectomy, so i know how you feel. For breakfast, i love egg whites. YOu can fix them so many diffrent ways. Here is my faverite way to eat them. I call it a healthy greek omelet:

you need:

Egg whites ( 20 calories per cup)
feta cheese ( low fat)
pico de gayo ( or you can chop up some tomatoes, bell peppers and onions)
mushrooms or spinach

If you want to add some toast : There is a bread ( its kinda pricey) by Earth grains that is 35 calories per slice. I put cinnamon and zero calorie butter on mine ( its a spray.. forget the name sorry)

You can do bacon ( im vegan so i dont eat it, but they do have a low calorie bacon by i think its oscar myer.. i might be wrong, but its only 25 calories.

Another way i like to eat them is:
Same ingrediants as above but i add a garlic and herb tortilla that i found that is just 50 calories. They are sooo good.
You can make like a wrap of some sort with them

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