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I'm turning 32yrs in a month, I'm getting divorce and I need help losing weight so I have some self confidence. My ex husband used to call me "fat, ugly, disgusting, fatty, etc" and left me for a twenty year old skinny model, so naturally my confidence is at zero. I am looking for a buddy to help each with motivation, eating, fitness, things like that. I'm a beginner but if anyone wants a fitness buddy, male or female, let me know. Thanks.
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We're all "buddies", here to help in any way we can.  First thing you might want to do is ask MedHelp if you can change your screen name to something that's a bit more confidence boosting... something, such as "1prettygirl"... then dig in and make it come true.

The second thing I'll advise is to stop worrying about what your ex called you; after all, he IS your ex, you have no reason to pay attention to him anymore.

Those things said, how can we best help you?  Give us an idea of what you eat, number of calories daily, your exercise, etc and we can go from there.
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How much do you weigh so I can give you advice to lose weight
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