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help losing weight

Hello I am A 34 year old mother of one.  I need to lose 100 lbs and I have no idea where to start or what to do to get the weight off me.  any suggestions..
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There is a woman on here, Barb135, she started a weight loss challenge for 2015. We are challenging ourselves to lose at least 1lb a week, she is super helpful and gives so many tips. I need to lose 50lbs still but overall have lost 10. What is working for me is keeping a food diary and tracking my calorie intake on here. My calorie limit is 1200 a day or 1300 max. With that, I walk if in outside just around my house. You have to be careful that you don't go too low on how many calories you have though. You want to lose at a healthy rate. Cut out soda or fizzy drinks, this was actually very hard for me to do but I've done it. Do it little by little if you have to. Go through these threads and read some of the comments, everyone is different and has different results. With me doimg what I have been doing I lost 1.6lbs this week and I actually went over my calorie limit one day.

Definitely look for anything that Barb posts! I'm sure she will comment with more helpful tips, but she is great!
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Drink more water. Every time you feel hungry drink water.
  Try the fit for life plan. Eat only fruit till noon. Load up on the vitamins.
  For dinner have only steamed vegetables and lean meat. Fish is best.  
Get active. Swimming is the best and no impact.
  Take a walk after each meal. I hope this helps. Maxy
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Drink more water. Do Excercise Daliy.
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I am trying to get back to eating healthier. In the past, I had a diet buddy. If you want to be mine, message me. The major diet tips were already mentioned. (drink water/exercise/veggies and meat based diet) I would just add that limiting sugar intake has really helped me in past.
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I started counting my calories n recording them in a log, with a budget, that actually works 4 me ..before it didnt, but I have more of a grip on my emotional eating after starting St John wort 2 help manage depression
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The first thing you have to do is stop drinking sodas and make water your drink of choice... you should also stop eating processed foods and eat as much fresh produce as you can, making veggies the center of your meals.

Eliminate as much bread and flour based food as you can, as well as white rice, potatoes and regular pasta.  Substitute brown rice and whole grain pasta.

Try to get a little exercise every day.  If you aren't used to it, start slow - like walking for 10 minutes at a time a couple of times/day and work up to walking for 30-60 minutes daily.

The rest of the advice here is good... try keeping a food diary so you know exactly how many calories you're eating.  We often don't realize how many calories we're nibbling away.
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