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lose weight fast

Hi I want to lose fast weight I'm 1.68 and 64 kg I want to go 55kg until summer what can I do?
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You have about 2 months to do this.
That means losing  about 1kg a week, which is relatively safe and susstainable.
Do not cut too many calories! Your metabolism slows down accordingly!
Easy does it. Optimize your diet, no junk foods, no sweet treats, no fast foods , no desserts and artificial sugars and additives etc.
Consume plenty of salads, fresh vegetables and some fruit, but not too much, along with quality proteins and very few whole grains, seeds and nuts.
Avoid carbs, specially white & refined.
Drink plenty of spring water 1 hour away from meals.
Walk everywhere! Increase you activity level, climb stairs, hike, swim,
bike to your comfort level and a little above, just enough to challenge your body, but not to cause any damage.
Visualize-see your ideal body shape in your mind- being on the beach
or wherever your imagination takes you, looking the way you want to look!
Try meditation video clips from YouTube and meditate on anything you want to achieve!
If you go to the brain wave generator website, you will find free software
for binaural sounds to lower your brain activity and put yourself in a
meditative state for sleeping better, learning faster, losing weight...
There many different modes available and it works!
Switch to coconut oil-instead of using other fats. specially in cooking.
It will increase your metabolism, it does not store as fat and it will give you more energy. But do not overdo it, even if it has many healthy properties.
Just use enough to replace other oils you have been using.

When I quit tobacco many years ago, I totally immersed myself into healthy living and fitness. Never gained weight-well I gained muscle but lost fat. Never looked back!

I hope this helps.
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