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water fasting

I'm going to drink just water and eat nothing for the next 8 days. How much weight will  I lose? My weight us 155 and my target weight I'd 119 I hope to reach it by the end of October. I'm going to fast for 8 days, refuel  for 5 and so on until I drop the weight
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This is silly and I dont think you can keep it up for that long. Soon as you start eating u will put the weight back on. Just eat health meals and plenty exercise x
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Hello Ashlee,

What you are suggesting i.e, not eating for 8 days and only drinking water
is highly dangerous. Have you discussed this idea with your family doctor.
It's really advisable that you discuss any weight loss plan with your family
doctor. On such a plan, you would probably feel very weak, I'm guessing
nauseous from drinking only water on an empty stomach and you might
even faint. As I mentioned it is very dangerous to go without food for 8
days. Your brain needs protein to think, your muscles need carbs to
move etc.  Your body will go into starvation mode where it will hold onto
every calorie. Ask your doctor, if you don't believe me. This is no way
to lose weight. Also your weight loss plan is not realistic. I strongly suggest
you discuss your desired weight loss with your family doctor. Let your
doctor help you come up with a food plan with some exercise incorporated
into it. Be realistic. The most you can lose is 2 lbs a week. It's better to
lose weight slowly to keep you healthy and to make the weight permanent
so you don't have rebound weight gain. You need to be supervised and
monitored by your doctor and you need to have realistic goals, which
certainly does not include 8 days with no food and only water.
The very best of luck to you. Eve
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