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Hi I'm female 25 I weigh 188lbs I'm
5ft7 and trying to lose weight I have tried juicing for 3 weeks before and actually shredded a stone and a half but juicing is Hard because you really miss food and I ended up gaining back the weight I'd lost after,  I'm looking to just eat healthier and do some exercise in my home as I don't like the gym,  with the help of YouTube, fitness classes and swimming I'm hoping to be around 120lbs I live in the uk but my eating choices have to change can anyone suggest any healthy meals or ideas I can eat and snack on To maintain a healthy balanced diet.
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A lot of women struggle when it comes to losing weight. Unlike men, we metabolize food slower and it’s not easy to sweat out during physical activities.
The best thing that you can do is to focus on an exercise routine that work for you. Do you think you’ll enjoy trying out jogging? It can help you lose weight, tone your muscles and feel better about yourself? Do you think you might enjoy doing Yoga? If yes, you can go to the nearest Yoga Class clinic near you.
It is all a matter of what you enjoy doing and eating rather than pushing yourself too hard to do things and eat food that you do not enjoy. The more you enjoy a certain activity, one that may lead you to weight loss, the more you will see yourself sticking to this program and seeing great results. You’ll just have to find an activity and a program that you think you’ll enjoy.
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Eat raisins,fruit, and vegetables as snacks. I know that's really the usual thing people say but it's sooooo true! It's not just that it's low in calories, but that it helps your body in other ways to. Women have been trying to find out the dieting secrets of movie stars when it was right in our faces all along! That's just for snacks, though. You could eat oatmeal(original), egg whites, or hard boiled eggs! These food are all 100 calories or less and fills you up really quick! You can have fish or shrimp as protein as well as grilled chicken breast. You can have a salad and as long as you use shredded lettuce as your green you could go crazy with what you want in it. 1 1/2 cups of shredded lettuce is only 10 cal. Crazy, right? Sleep! People burn lots of calories in the hours they sleep, probably a lot more than you think. I think it was 144 an hour? But it's so awesome! You don't even have to do extreme exercises if you don't want to! The best thing you can do for yourself is read the labels. See how much calories and carbs you're eating if you were to buy this product. If you feel confident about what it says then I say go for it! Cheat days are VITAL! Cheat days decreases the chances of you slipping up and just saying whatever to it all. I hope this helps you as it did me!
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You should avoid emotional eating . Identifying your emotional eating triggers can make a huge difference in your weight loss efforts.Like if you feel like eating when you are stressed then try exercise, yoga, meditation or any other healthier way to calm yourself.Include high fiber foods in your diet . It'll make you feel satisfied while losing weight
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