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what should i eat in a day to lose weight?

  i am 24 yrs old and my weight is 78 kg. i have irregular periods. i want to know that what should i eat and not to eat to lose weight?
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Your question is pretty broad. But stay away from the sugar. I think that too much sugar jacks with hormones. And of course, it is not good for your weight either.

Are you exercising? What is your diet like now?
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Will give you some ideas of foods to eat and those to avoid .. however, would truly like to know what type of foods you currently like and eat.  In doing that, we could better help provide you with food options that fit your liking/craving while at the same time being calorie conscious.


Lean meats (Chicken, fish, turkey) and try fixing baked, grilled or boiled.  Can also include eggs (poached, hard boiled or prepared with nonstick spray)

Fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables (Apple, mango, watermelon, canteloupe, kiwi, pineapple, orange - there are many) and (Green beans, squash, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower - there are a great many more)

Low-fat dairy - (SF yogurt, skim milk, LF cottage cheese)

Whole grains - (Wheat, rye or multigrain bread, wheat pasta, wild rice)

Desserts - (SF fudgesickles, SF jello, bananas with sugar substitute, popcorn)


Fried foods
High calorie foods
Processed foods
Fast foods
Mac and Cheese
Potatoes with Gravy
Cake with Frosting
Foods laden with Sugar

I'm sure there are countless others .. so please feel free to ask about anything.  The people here are most gracious and knowledgeable in answering your posts.

Would highly suggest you eat 3 small meals and 3 snacks a day .. as that is the best way to keep your metabolism active, remain full and not experience huge fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.

Hope you will stay involved and MedHelp will be rolling out a new food tracker in approximately 3 weeks; this would help us help you better.

Very best wishes .. and please let us know how you are doing.

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Hi there :)

I am a certified personal trainer at a well known gym and have a B.S. in Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention as well as a minor in Exercise Science.

I actually just responded to a similar question on another thread.  I will copy and paste my advice and delete the parts that don't pertain to your situation.  The post is a little long, but stick with me, there's a lot of good stuff in there!  

I also have a few other ideas for you specifically (some helpful hints about sugar, water, weighing yourself, increasing your metabolism, as well as helpful weight loss tips that people often miss), but I have an appointment to get to shortly, so I will write more later!  For now, here's the advice that I gave the other girl with a similar question, hope it helps!

"You have a LOT of options as far as diet goes, here are a few that will definitely help...

1.  I have all my clients buy this book: "The eat-clean diet" by Tosca Reno.  I also have them buy the companion "Eat clean diet cookbook".  These books are very easy to read, very informational, inspiring, and last but not least, they are NOT A DIET, they are more like a lifestyle, which is important, because diets don't work.  

2. Find out how many calories your body (as opposed to someone of the same gender/age/weight/height) needs.  Your metabolism is as individual as your finger print, so I would advise you to get it tested!  

There are many places that offer metabolic testing, I know for a fact lifetime fitness offers it to member as well as non-members; but there are definitely other places that do testing as well (just google metabolic testing to find someone in your area).  Metabolic testing tells you EXACTLY how many calories your body needs per day.  It's really nice because there is no guess work involved.  

There are matematical formulas you can use to determine this number, but keep in mind that even the best formula for estimating metabolism is off by 15--20%, 80% of the time.

3. See a Registered Dietician.  Again, I know that lifetime fitness has them on staff, but there are a ton of other places you can go.  I had eating disorders when I was younger, and saw a dietician who had her own private practice--I cannot tell you how much she helped me.  To this day, 20-some years later, I am still grateful for her help.  

4. Food journal.  Not sure if you're doing this already, but if you aren't here's the best way to get started.  Get a little daily calendar (a notebook works too as long as you write down the date) and write down everything you eat and at what time you eat.  

In the beginning, there's no need to count calories, we will get into that later, as long as you're keeping a visual reminder of what you've consumed.  Numerous studies have shown that the average person underestimates their daily calorie consumption by about 50% when they don't food journal.  

(Personally, I keep an exercise journal as well, when I exercise, I write down what I did, and for how long I did it.  On days that I exercise I get a sticker.  On days that I exercise AND eat well I get 2 stickers)!  I know, I am a dork, but it works for me...plus I was watching Entertainment Tonight the other day, and guess who does the same exact thing?  Carrie Underwood!"

Hope this helped at least a little bit.  Keep me posted on everthing, I would love to help!  Never hesitate to message me!  


P.S. I agree you don't need to loose weight, but there's nothing wrong with "toning up".  In fact, many of my clients find that when they just keep their focus on being healthy, that weight loss naturally follows.
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Thanks everyone that was very helpful for me because i had no clue how to start my diet  thank u so much guys   i will keep yall inform thanks again im so excited to start this jorney
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