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who to stay on track

hello i have just started trying to loss weight after having my son who is now 5 months.   i want to loss about 25lbs but my problem is how do i stay motivated and when do you all go to the gym.  i swear i cant find the time between work 2 kids and a husband.  thinking about trying to go early before everyone gets up.  but im still up alot at night with the baby???   any ideas will be very helpful.   maybe i need a weight loss buddy  idk??  i just want the weight off!!!
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Hi there.  I'm sorry your questions have not been answered yet.  I've been battling some medical issues and have not been online a lot lately.  

Sounds like you are pretty busy, so I'd suggest that you try making very small, easy changes to begin with - like replacing sodas with water; candy bars with a piece of fruit, etc.  

It's not necessary to "go to the gym" -- I don't have a gym membership at all.  I *do* have several exercise videos, a Wii Fit, plus I like to walk.  Maybe you could put the baby in a stroller and take a 30 minute walk each evening (if you live where it's not too cold to take the baby out); or if you can't take the baby, maybe you could get hubby to watch the kids while you walk or exercise.  

I'd recommend that you start with the food diary here on med help and list everything you eat over the course of your day.  That will tell you how many calories you are consuming, as well as the nutrient content, so you will know which areas you need to cut back on (fats, carbs, etc) and which you might need to "beef up".  

As far as motivation -- that's pretty much something within yourself, but if you stick around here, we can surely give you the support and ideas you need to be successful.  We are all "weight loss buddies", so you already have a bunch..

If you can give us an idea of what/how much you currently are eating and exercising, we will help you come up with a plan that will work for you.  
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