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10 Year Old with severe stomache pain

  My 10 year old daughter has been having moderate to severe stomache pain centering around her navel for the past 10 days.  There are no other symptoms what so ever (no fever, vomiting, diareah, constipation) We thought at first it was just flu or upset tummy, then maybe constipation, then maybe just the start of puberty.  On day 7 it was no better and we took her to the hospital.  They ran tests (blood, urine, throat swab etc) but nothing showed up.  The doctor (not our own because she's on vacation) gave her tylenol with codeine to manage the pain and basically believes it must be emotional upset.  Though I understand that this is a very possible cause, I'm afraid it simply does not apply to her.  Is there something that could be causing this pain without any other symptoms?
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