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10 years on from alcoholic cirrhosis

Posted By JR on January 04, 1999 at 08:49:40:

I had a drinking problem in my 20s. In 1988 I showed abnormal liver count and had a biopsy. It showed alcoholic cirrhosis. I was told very little about the state of my liver, except that if I gave up drink I could have a normal life. I gave up alcohol on the spot and never drank since.
Now in my 30s I am in reasonably good health, no liver problems since and all my liver counts have been normal. I developed MS three years ago, so far very mild. But I am wondering what if I need medication for my illness.
I don't feel the cirrhosis has progressed in that after a few months off alcohol I was in really good health. I have taken the normal type of medications over the years - antibiotics for infection etc. However I have recently had a test result which showed ACTIVE HHV6 virus. I really feel very unhappy that this invader is having fun in my system and wonder if antivirals would play havoc with my liver.
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