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4cm mass in pancreas tail

Posted By michelle on March 15, 1999 at 15:01:12:

I am 32 yr old female that initially went to internist for recurring severe stabbing pain in upper abdomen that radiated to upper back. Was prescribed prilosec for 4 weeks and have had no additional episodes. Also have recurring diarrhea that still continues, on occassion it is watery, but almost aways very small diameter and stringy. Internist sent me for ct scan after he felt an upper abdominal mass. Ct showed 4cm mass in the tail of the pancreas with focal enlargement- no other abnormalities and does not show a difference in density from rest of pancreas on scan.  Next test was ERCP which showed everything as normal. Apparently all blood test have been normal.  I am scheduled for fine needle aspiration biopsy this week and I have several questions. Could the diarrhea be related to the pancreas mass? What would be possible diagnosis in someone my age?
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