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A Little Worried

Hello everyone I'm new to the board.  I saw something a little concerning this evening.  I think A lot of my concern was seeing my Grandmother go through Colon Cancer.  So that adds to my fear.

Today I saw blood in my stool.  This is the first time I've ever seen this.  After doing a a little research on the internet I don't know quite what catagory I fit into.  The blood wasn't bright red or very dark.  It was normal like when you get blood drawn.  It was imbedded in the stool, about a dime size.  I certainly don't like typing no less talking about my stool but...  So I come to this message board for anyone's opinon.  Thanks for listening.


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Dear Girl,
if this is just a one off occurence you need not worry.  You are very young to be worrying about colon cancer, though understandable to worry if your grandmother had it.  Could what you describe be due to something you ate (ie. something other than blood)? If the blood is recurring or large amount then you need to see a gastro doctor to have it checked out.  BUT - before you get worried, even if you do see blood again, remember that there are many many explanations other than cancer for blood in BM.
Best wishes.
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Go see your doctor. You don't have colon cancer, but should be checked for other things such as fissure or hemeroids.
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Thankyou for your comments.  Really has helped me a little.


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