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A collapsed muscle and muscle spasm on the right rib/flank area

MRI's of LSpine (sacral plexus), Brain, L-Spine again, Ultra sounds of kidney, (CT of Abd and pelvis and L-Spine)and Blood drawn including the CK level check, an EMG and a biopsy of a collapsed muscle on my right buttock- nothing has shown up. It seems I'm in great health.
I have a severe spasm type of pain in my right flank/rib area. This has been going on for years it seems. Sometimes this pain radiates towards the front of my belly and makes me feel a little sick to my stomach.
The muscle in my right hip/buttock area collapsed over a slow period of time.
I have terrible constipation. This has also been going on for a long time.
It seems that when I have intercourse and I have not used the bathroom yet, there is a substantial amount of discharge from my vagina. It's white and no order. This only occure when I have not used the bathroom.
Intercourse is painful and ultra sounds show no signs of a problem uterus. I suspect the intercourse is painful do to my constipation troubles.
I have not mentioned that part of my problem to my doctors yet.
The main purpose for all the above mentioned tests was due to the collapsed muscle. This seemed to be quite a shock for all of us. No answer as to why it happened. The muscle looks like it sunk and resembles the palm of your hand in a scoop position.
Is there a chance that this is all related to colon troubles and wouldn't such trouble show up in the blood work or at least in one of these tests that were done?
I've had so many tests already and I almost hate to ask for more. AT the same time, the spasm/pain in my right flank/rib area is excruciating. I would also like to mention this spasm/pain only occur when I lean forward. It's especially painful when I'm in my vehicle. I suppose because of the slanted seats.
Although nothing has shown up in these tests so far, it's very apparent that something is terribly wrong.
I have not been sexually promiscuous and have never experienced a sexual disease. Thought I'd throw that out there to explain no possible infections for the vaginal discharge.
I have been to the OBGYN and it's been said that some women have more mucous than others. I believe it's related to the bowl problems.
I've been trying to diagnose myself for months now.
Thought I'd try this to see if you can give me some ideas on what to ask the doctors to do or if you've heard of such things before.
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You had a pretty comprehensive evaluation already, with a negative abdominal CT scan.  This would make any intra-abdominal masses less likely.  

Regarding the muscle pain - you may want to inquire about an orthopedic referral, or a referral to a physiatrist (rehabilitation physician) for further evaluation of the collapsed muscle.

The constipation can be due to many conditions - but the most reasonable first test to evaluate this would be some sort of endoscopy.  A colonoscopy may be a reasonable test, since this can also evaluate the causes of the pain you may be experiencing.  

If the endoscopy is negative, there are more specialized tests for the constipation - including colonic transit studies which can evaluate the motility of the colon.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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