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A virus that mimics kidney stones

Does anyone have any experience with a virus that seems to effect the colon with symptoms that would suggest kidney stones? Symptoms include lower left back pain also noted in the front left lower abdomen. Diarreha noted at onset but no fever or vomiting. Pain reoccurs for minutes to hours but is not debilitating. My family dr. suggested a type of dysentary that manifests itself in the colon trough. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with this type of ailment. Other people have commented about this in CT. and even went in for ultrasound to determine if kidney stones were present.
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I had some bad stomach pain the other evening, went to ER, even.
They thought it was stones, or appendicitis, or maybe even an
infection or bacteria. Funny thing, there were about 3 or 4 other people in ER the same night, with the same thing? Could
be a new strain of bug or virus going around. Hopefully its
not related to anything from DC, ie: anthrax, or whatever.
The doc did suggest a bacteria, and expect it to get worse over
the next few days, but I am fine now. Still puzzling, though.
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Thats kind of what I suspected. My symptoms were kind of unusual in that I started out with some left side lower back pain which went away after a short bout with the skitters. That same afternoon the pain came back and moved from the lower back to the left lower abdomen. Kidney stones were suspected but none of the other symptoms were noted. No nausea,cloudy urine,fever or groin pressure. This all started last Friday and the major effect today, Tuesday, is mostly at night with a reoccurance of the abdominal pain making sleep almost impossible.  How long did your symptoms last? The other problem is that usually when you have a stomach bug the mere thought of food turns you off. If you watch TV all thats on is food shows. What torture... Dweed1 - Thanks for the response.
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Hey listen! I cold not describe those same pains myself. I bet you had the severe kidney stone symptom pains also.

Listen to me. Go to the supermarket and Buy several bottles of
"Aqua di Fiuggi" it is an italian mineral water which has depurative effects on the Kidneys. Drink a lot of it. I

I had your same pains- on both sides of my lower back and my lower left abdomen- my groin and testacles. Sometimes a little too uncomfortable. Lasted for a month on and off.
I felt almost instantly better because I drank this water for about 3 days straight. Drinking regular mineral water did not help.
Ask for it at an Italian grocery importer or Italian supermarket.
Good luck.
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