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I had an endoscopy 10/12, to check for irritation in my throat from acid. Apparently I do not have a hiatal hernia.  I was diagnosed with one in August.  I have been feeling pretty good for about 2 weeks.  Is it possible I have a sliding hernia or can they just fix themselves?? If I don't have a hernia then what causes the pain and bloating that I feel somtimes under my ribs and in the middle of my upper abdomin?  Is is possible that my liver is stressed from working harder now that I do not have a gallbladder? I have a 24 ph probe down my throat right now and I guess that will tell me a little bit.  I am really confused and couldn't talk to the doc after, so any insight would be very appreciated.  By the way all of my labs (blood) came back normal.  A CBC and one to check of ammonia levels in my blood.  Would those tests show something bad? If it was cancer or something wouldnt the CBC show elevated levels of something in my blood?? Please respond as soon as you can. Thanks!!
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