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Abdominal mass and spasms

Hi -- I'm almost twenty and lately I've been having abdominal spasms on my right side, below and in my rib cage.  They are very rapid, and not painful, and last for about 20 mins. at a time.  Also, I felt a painful, tender mass on my right side, in front of my pelvis.  I've had a decreased appetite, and fatigue.  My periods have been irregular as well, lasting longer than usual.  Lately I've had a soar, red throat, and cold-like syptoms with no fever.  I had strep throat a few months ago.
What's wrong with me?
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I would suggest having a cbc blood test done.
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You really need to have a contrast scan done.
An abdominal mass with spasm can indicate an abdominal
aorta anuerysm. IT is however rare before the age of 60 and happens three times as often in men than woman, but still,
if it is the case, you need to know now.

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