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Abdominal pain after eating

  I am a 41 year old female that is about 50 pounds overweight.   My body, so far, has been healthy and disease free.  About four months ago after eating avacado I had an episode of severe pain in the center of my abdomen that radiated through to my back.  The pain was persistent and lasted 2-3 hours.  Over these last months this pain has occurred immediately after eating nuts or avacodo and once was caused, I think, by eggs.  The pain starts out dull about 20 minutes after eating and then increases to a steady severe pain for about 1-2 hours then gradually subsides until it is gone.  I have not eaten any of these foods in the last thirty days and have not experienced any pain.  Any ideas on what may be causing this?
Dear Catherine,
Its hard to know what could be causing your symptoms.  It is possible that your problem is simply related to dietary preferences but I am not entirely happy with this explanation.  The symptoms suggest bilioary colic ( pain related to gall stones) but I would think that you would still be having pain sometimes with eating.  An appropriate first step would be an ultrasound of the gall bladder.
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