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Adult Male Belly Button Pain

I'm a 40 y/o male, waiting for health insurance, so I can't make a doc trip yet.  I have severe continuous pain located behind my belly button.  The area around the navel is firm.  The button itself seems to be pushing out from the inside.  I can push on the area and it seems to go back into my stomach.  I think it started 7 weeks ago after a bad cough.  I also think it's contributing to bowel problems I'm having.  It would just be nice to have a clue as to what this pain is about while I'm waiting for the insurance to kick in.  Thanks.
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it sounds like you have a mild hernia.....its from weak muscles...if it doesnt go back in easily you should see a dr sooner than later...the other thing avoid lifting and straining till you see the dr    good luck
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I was recently diagnosed with a hernia in my belly button. I also get severe stomach pains usually shortly after eating. I can't feel mine sticking out and don't have the pain all of the time but the doc said that it would be ok as long as it went back in. If you get your intestines strangled it could be dangerous. I don't have insurance either but it didn't cost that much to just get the peace of mind. I would suggest getting to the doctor if you can't get it to stay in.The doctor told me that if mine would not go back in to call right away.
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