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Alkaline Phosphatase elevated

  My husband is 25 year old.  Recent physical shows that he has
  only alkaline phosphatase elevated.  Test taken on April 2nd shows
  143, test taken on July 2nd shows 163.  GGT level is normal 20, 24
  in both test cases, all other liver test results(ALT, biliburin, LDH) are normal.  Also,
  physical exam shows his other blood test results normal, like WBC, sugar,
  kidney, calcium, phosphorous etc.,
  While playing basket ball his achilles tendon was roughed.  This
  happened during the same time.  So, he has severe bottom leg pain.
  Can any one please tell me whether these two are related? Since
  Alkaline phosphatase is the engyme in all the tissues.
  or something is really bad.
  your help is greatly appreciated.
  thank you
Dear Rekha,
An elevated alkaline phosphatase can result from either liver or bone disease.  The normal GGT, another liver tests, indicates that a bone problem is causing the alkaline phosphatase elevation.  It is quite possible that your husbands Achiles tendon injury is responsible for the increase in alkaline phosphatase levels.
This information is provided for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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