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Alkaline phosphatase

  I am 25 years old male. I have elivated levels of alk phos. it was 205 but has since come down to 160. I have to get it checked again this month. I started having pain in my left groin area about a year ago. I noticed that it hurt to cross my legs. I noticed that the pain increased over time and I could not cross my leg at all. I started having pain in my right groin area as well and at this point I canot cross my legs at all. I have slight pain all the time but high level of pain if I turn a certain way. I have had a bone scan and x-rays the did not show anything. There was no injury befor this started. it has been over a year now and I am becoming very frustrated that the Dr's cant tell me what is wrong. I am a Diabetic as well. Can some one please help me? The high levels were in both the bone and intestine.
Dear Shean kennedy,
You do not provide any information regarding the durtion or severity of your diabetes mellitus.  This information is important in developing a list of possible explanations for your symptoms.
An elevated alk phosphatase usually indicates an abnomality of liver or bone.  (intestinal cuases for elevated alk phosphatase are not common clinical problems).  To determine if your problem is liver related, you should have additional liver tests including a GGT, SGPT and SGOT.  If your elevation of alk phos is liver related, possibilities to consider include fatty liver, obstruction of the bile duct as well as inflammatory liver conditions.
Regarding your groin pains, possibilities to consider are ingiunal hernias, neuropathy related to the diabetes mellitus, muscle strain and testicular problems.  
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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