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Allergy Type Symptoms

My wife has had 4 incidents in the last 4 months where she suddenly developed severe lower abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, redness on her skin, swelling in face, burning feeling throughout body and tightness in her chest. Her blood pressure drops to where she almost passes out.

She carries an epi-pen that relieves the swelling, burning and redness, but not the intestinal problems.

She has been tested for allergies (skin and SAIGE) and she comes up clean. She has had a 24 urine and tryptase that has come back normal for Mastocytosis.

She had an upper GI that showed a healed over ulcer in her duodenum plus a possible one in her stomach. She has tested negative to H-pylori in both the serum and breath test.

3 of the 4 attacks have come either during or shortly after her menstrual period.

We are running out of ideas, can anyone help?
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I have read that a person can be allergic to hormones.
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You might want to read this...


Hormone Allergies

Hormone allergy is a type of allergic reaction experienced by women from before puberty to old age.

It is a heightened reaction to the normal function of hormones.

The most common disorders associated with hormone reactions are:

Endometriosis Migraine
PMS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Asthma Weight Gain
Arthritis Loss of short-term memory
Fibromyalgia Diminished sex drive
Skin problems Depression (mood swings)
Less scalp hair Dry skin (neck down)
Increase in facial/body hair Oily skin (neck up)

This phenomenon seems clear to the women who experience it, but it is not widely recognized by their physicians.

And while there are many journal references to the connection between hormones and symptoms, I am aware of only one recent textbook that actually suggests a hormone allergy. That book is Endometrium & Endometriosis (1997). In the final chapters, Drs. Mabry, Konetzki and Mary Lou Balweg (President of the American Endometriosis Association) discuss their research and experience treating endometriosis as though it were in some part a result of a hormone allergy. In the final chapter, Mary Lou Balweg discusses the effectiveness of treating the allergic factors.

Dr. Kresch, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stanford Medical School in Palo Alto, California, has suggested that addressing the hormone allergy of his patients has allowed him to deal with their endometriosis problems without surgery in a majority of patients.

And there are several recent papers describing "Premenstrual Asthma."

A significant recent acknowledgement of Hormone Allergy is found in the January 1998 article in the New England Journal of Medicine. This article is titled "Differential Behavior Effects of Gonadal Steroids in Women And In Those Without Premenstrual Syndrome."

Skin Problems
It is well known that as we age our skin changes. Older women experience bruising on their arms, dryness from the neck down, oiliness from the neck up, wrinkles and
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interesting theory I will look into hormone allergies. What about endometriosis? Could the symptoms match with that condition?
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I really don't know that much about that, sorry.
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