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Ammonia Levels

Please any help is appreciated.  My mother,65 and  a two time breast cancer survivor started to get ill over the summer.  She had personality changes, coughing with vomiting, anorexia to name a few.  On tuesday as the first plane hit the WTC, she fell..couldn't get up and was very confused.  We rushed her to the ER and her blood work showed elevated calcium and ammonia levels.  She hasn't spoken since..she is tied to a bed, with diapers on moaning.  We know know they have found a small, very small lung cancer..and her calcium levels have returned to normal with IV medications.  But her ammonia level is 104..dangerously high.  She is bloated and they are biopsing her liver now.  We fear liver cancer.  She is almost in a coma now.  Help me with some insight here.  This is my best friend and the thought of someone who worked one day and the next day fell this seriously ill..near death is unreal.  HELP
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When ammonia levels go too high in liver patients, they are given "Lactulose" (also called "Enulose").
Lactulose is a liquid laxative that binds with Ammonia to remove it from a person's system.
High ammonia levels can cause everything from dementia, drunkenness, slurred speech.....to coma, and even death.
Ask your doctor about LACTULOSE or ENULOSE for your mother!
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I agree with that last poast. I have worked with patients with high ammonia levels and Lactulose is the choice of medication to bring the levels down.Let us know how she's doing. Good luck. Take care.
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