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Another symptom ------- still need HELP!!!

Hi everyone -- again -- I want to thank everyone for all the great advise that you've given :)  I finally got an appointment with the GI -- but it is not until Dec 28th -- TOO FAR AWAY!!!
I am going to call my primary care doc today.  The sugeon has been no help -- things are still not right.  I still have the constipation, but with bouts of diarrhea in between -- still having the same "attacks" as I had before taking my Gall Bladder out in October.  Now the last couple of days I have been feeling a lot of tenderness when I press on my stomach area.  I feel a hardness in there.  I also am still very tired all the time.  The other thing is excessive hair loss, I just had my third child and I know there is always hair loss after having a baby, but I feel that I am losing a lot more hair this time.  I do watch what I eat, very bland diet, but the symptoms are the same no matter what or how much I eat.  I also have severe bouts of being sick to my stomach.  There are times, when all I want to do is cry.  I am soooo tired of being sick.  It is taking it's toll on me.  I can't always take care of the kids (oldest 5yrs - youngest 4 months -- one in between) the right way.  I wonder why I even had my Gall Bladder out, and then I know it needed to come out, it was loaded with stones and in the end had become inflamed.  The surgeon mentioned a duodenal ulcer, would I have all these pains and symptoms with an ulcer?????  Or should I really be concerned that it is something more than an ulcer????
Again thanks for all the previous input.  Anymore would be greatly appreciated......
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Hi - You might want to ask your family doctor if he can do some blood work to rule out Pancreatitis. I had most of the same symptoms you had. Had an ERCP with sphincterotomy done on the 14th of Nov.  Ended up with Pancreatitis.  The nurse who discharged me from the hospital told me that I could have had underlying pancreatitis since before my gallbladder was removed.  But having the gallbladder removed and the ERCP with sphincterotomy just irritated things and the blood work finally showed Pancreatitis.  Lucky for me my youngest is almost 14 and my oldest is 20.  I don't know how you manage as well as you do with three little ones and feeling so bad.  Hang in there.  If your doctor determines you have Pancreatitis perhaps that will get your doctor's appointment with GI doc moved up.  Best of luck to you.
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I concur with Baseball Mom's advice.  Symptoms all sound like pancreatitis;  nausea, constipation, diarrhea, great fatique, hair loss, abdomen pain,  upset after eating, etc.  I have CP and had all these problems before my final diagnosis.  Do see if your regular doctor will set up a complete bloodwork analysis..lipase, amylase, etc.  It will often show by elevated levels, but not always.

Keep trying until you can get some relief and treatment.  Meanwhile, extra B-1, B-12, folic acid, and a children's multi-vitamin daily (easier on your stomach), might help with your fatique.  I know it's hard with all those children, so you need to be firm with your doctor about  getting help now.  Good Luck!
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Thanks so much for the input -- I will definitely tell the Dr that -- Tonight I look like I am about 5 months pregnant when I am laying on my back -- I am not pregnant (did test and have had regular cycle) -- again thanks -- I will keep everyone posted. Any more inpu is still wanted and appreciated -- the more armed I am when I go, the better off I will be!!!!!!!!!!!
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