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Belching - Upset Stomach - Dull Pain under lower right rib

** Long but please read **

Okay guys, this is my first post here but I think I fit in well.  I'm hoping that someone can help.

Starting early 1999, age 22, I began having stomach problems.  Upset stomach, heartburn and that "lump in my throat" that would never seem to go away.  After a couple months I went to my Dr. and it was diagnosed as a mild stomach ulcer with mild reflux (causing that "lump").  Over the next 6-8 months I was put on various meds, Zantac, Pepcid types and although they relieved the symptoms temporarily on occasion nothing really HELPED.

My symptoms subsided for approximately a year and a half, only getting heartburn from time to time but never the upset stomach or "lump".  December 2001 I was awoken in the night by sharp pain under my right ribs.  I went to my Dr. and had a chest x-ray and ultrasound to check for gall stones.  Nothing.  I was fine for about 4-5 months.

Starting three weeks ago I was having some chicken for dinner and spent the remainder of the night with the hiccups.  Ever since that night I have had a "tender" stomach (to touch) and burping for hours after nearly every meal (especially at night).  One burp after another.  I also have been having loose stools since this newest onset of stomach issues has begun.  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm so tired of this fear of eating!  Could this just be an ulcer acting up from stress?  I am getting married?!

SYMPTOMS: Tender stomach, full feeling (and looking) belly, mild "lump" in throat, persistant and repetitive burping, dull pain under lower right, floating, rib.
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Have you seen an allergist?

Have they tested for celiac sprue?

My stomach become very swollen and extremely tender after allergies and I found after cutting out milk and wheat out of my diet my stomach was much better.  You may want to keep a journal of what may be setting it off.  You can start with a rotation diet which starts you off on certain foods that you know are absolutely safe - like a diet when one comes out of GI surgery.  You know just liquids and certain soft food, then slowly graduate to other things.

Some of my allergies involved a certain amount of belching, but my other belching thing that happens regularly is something I cannot figure out.

You may end up having to join me with the blanket "diagnosis" of IBS, because doctors don't have enough experience in certain areas where only an extremely small percentage of the population is involved.  I'm used to the guinea pig thing where "Oh gee, you don't have this but you have many or almost all of the symptoms"

I apologize if I seem cynical, I'd just like an end to the discomfort and be able to eat regularly.

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Try a very low-fat diet. Stay away from spices and caffine. Don't drink alcohol but do drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.  Don't drink fluids with meals but wait at least 30 minutes after eatting.  Stay away from dairy products for now.
This is what I've been doing while the doctors are trying to find out why I am having upper right quadrant pain. The pain is located  under my right rib cage.  I cannot digest fatty foods and I am having blood sugar drops and night sweats.  I also can have very bad abdominal bloating after meals.  I had my gallbladder removed 20 years ago and had a CT scan and Ultrasound of the abdominal area which was normal.  But my new doctor is still investigating the possiblity of a problem with my pancreas.
I hope you find the answer. When I do, and I hope soon, I will post......Take care,      Aniee
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Cut out all Hydrogenated oils from your diet and the dull pain in your right side will go away.  Mine did.  
   I have had three different doctors check my gall bladder three different times and it was always fine.
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thank you annie1 because I am going thru the same thing and going crazy.  I only eat dairy, yogourt, cheese, and do drink coffee, even mentioning it to the surgeon that it bothers me.  His reply is "it shouldn't."

I have had every test to see if it my gallbladder and it always comes up negative.  Yet, I have two severe attacks within 8 days of each other and my last attack was in Dec.  The last attack caused me to go into convulsions and shaking chills.  Yet, yesterday I had an ultra sound and nothing.

I am going to cut out everything, but what do you exist on??

thanks for posting
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You exist on vegetables and fruits and chicken and fish. Non-fat desserts, jello, no-fat ice cream(Breyers), low-fat cookies. I also need fiber because of Diviticulosis and I eat 3 prunes eat morning along with my Fiber-One.  I drink only water. It is hard getting use to but this is the only thing that helps my pain stay low. I am not saying that this will cure you or take all your pain away and please try to keep your stress low , also. This can also cause a flair.  You can purchase a diabetic cookbook. The American Heart Association has a great one filled with low-fat recipes.......Hope this helps......I'll keep in touch........Aniee
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Just to let you know that I have had several ultrasounds of gallbladder, everything looked fine.  In fact had CT, and other tests.  Looked great.  Hida scan show *possible* slow emptying of gallbladder.  I finally convinced them to remove the gallbladder.  It was inflamed and badly scarred and full of small stones!  In fact even the area around the gallbladder was inflamed.  I was in great pain and couldn't eat.  Since then I do NOT believe that just because a test says "everything is OK" that it is.  Just had to tell you my experience.
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I am with Seashoretracks. Same thing with me. Every test was fine, and it took a year of tests before they removed a gallbladder that was adhered to all of my internal organs.
I couldn't believe it either.
Still sick though.
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I was so happy to see your response. I started having abdominal pain in 1990. The attacks happened only once or twice a year, but were severe. I have Hep C and thought the pain was due to liver function until 1999 when I had a liver biopsy which was excellent - no scarring and very healthy. Since 1999 I've had maybe 4 attacks. Then in March 2002, I noticed under my right-lower rib was tender to the touch...first time with this symptom.  My doctor told me to wait a month and see if it went away. One morning I didn't feel well, had low fever 99.5.  I got back into bed and lightly pressed my lower right rib - almost went through the ceiling.  Incredible pain and the nausea started - although I never vomited. My doctor sent me directly for a hida scan - it was normal.  She put me on Aciphex, although I don't have indigestion she felt the sphincter could be holding the acids down and there could be inflammation. She then scheduled me with a GI - which took about 2.5 weeks. It was then May 24, almost 3 months after the tenderness began.  He didn't feel like there was a problem, maybe the tenderness was caused by gas. I'm not a doctor, but I'm doubting gas for 3 months followed by excruciating pain. I chose to have a endoscopy and CT scan of abdomen. Both showed nothing. Although the severe pain subsided after 5 days, the tenderness remains.  Four women in my family have had their gallbladders removed. I don't think the tests are fool proof and I believe my gallbladder is the problem.  At least I hope that's the problem and not something more severe.  I have a followup with the GI on July 9.  After reading your comments, I will not let him off the hook and make me feel like it's in my mind. Thank you so much for your insight!
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