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Bile Duct Damage

Posted By Cathy S. on October 14, 1998 at 10:48:40:

Ten years ago I had my gallbladder removed and had complications that required a 5-month hospital stay.  I was told that the complications were due to liver damage during the surgery.  Until four months ago, I had had no other problems.
I had started vomiting bile on a regular basis which led me to seek medical help.  I had several tests that determined my bile duct was damaged from the surgery I had ten years ago and was impending the flow of bile from my liver.  My doctors tried to insert a stint in the duct, but it is too damaged.
The next suggestion was to replace the duct with a vein from my leg, however, I can't find any surgeons in the Lubbock, TX area willing to do the surgery.  What are my chances of being well after a surgery like this and what are my chances if I don't have the surgery.  Is there any literature out about this kind of problem.
My bilirubin count continues to increase and I have gained 10 pounds within the last two weeks.  Your response will be greatly appreciated.
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