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Black coating on tongue

  : On three occasions over the last two months or so, I've awakened to find a coal-black colored coating on my tongue that covered the entire area and was easily came off with a toothbrush.  The coating extended down my throad and turned the bristles on the toothbrush black.
  : I am 39 years old, in good health and do not know of any stomach disorders.  I do smoke under a pack a day.
  : I'd like to know if the black coating might indicate a health problems.  Thanks for your help.
  I had that same thing.  You're gonna laugh--
  it was caused by chewing pepto bismol
  tablets at night. I thought it was some bizarre
  M. King.
Dear M. King and Beth,
I am not aware of any pathological abnormality that is associated with a black coated tongue. On the other hand, I would suspect that smoking could possibly cause this. Pepto Bismol, activated charcoal and iron supplements as well as a number of food items (such as blueberries) are known to cause black stools. One way to determine whether smoking played a role in the development of a black tongue would be to quit and see if you continue to have this condition. I hope you find this information helpful.
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