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Bravo ph testing for acid reflux

I have been diagnosed with acid reflux with a sliding hiatal hernia..  I have been taking Aciphex for six weeks and was on Protonix for two weeks prior to this.  My gastroenterologist is not satisfied with results of the medication thus far.  He wants to perform a Bravo ph test.  Are you familiar with this test?
Is it done with the patient under sedation?  The doctor I have been seeing does not use sedation for this procedure. Can you give me a little information on this procedure.  If you are familiar with the Bravo procedure, and do use sedation, how well do think patients would tolerate this without sedation?  I am very apprehensive about going through this without sedation.
Maybe you can ease my worries a little.  Thank you for your information.  

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Hello - thanks for asking your question.

From my reading, sedation is used during the Bravo pH procedure.  Here is a description from the Mayo Clinic:
"Using the new Bravo pH monitoring system, physicians insert a thin, flexible, lighted tube, called an endoscope, through a sedated patient
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You can do a search on the web under "bravo ph testing".
Most of your questions will get answered.
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I have looked on the internet under Bravo ph testing and haven't been able to find out much about whether sedation is widely used.
How do patients tolerate it without sedation?
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I don't know whether or not sedation is recommended.  Personally, I would request sedation for any kind of test or
procedure with an endoscopy.  I couldn't handle the gag reflex.
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I have had this test done and it was without sedation (not by choice- they just didn't give me anything).  It was a horrible, traumatic expierence.  Once it was in- it was pretty uncomfortable, but not unbearable like it was when they were putting it down.  I would insist on sedation if you get this test.  Maybe they have reasons not to?  I don't know.  Good luck.
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Did the doctor or nurse numb you throat before proceding with the Bravo test?
How was the total time of the procedure?
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I had the ph testing done without sedation, and I agree with a previous comment.  It was a traumatic experience and if you can be sedated you should try to be.  It was my understanding that they needed to do a muscle test as well and I needed to be awake and alert for it.  The ph monitor was done after that procedure.  As far as wearing the monitor, it consumed my entire thoughts and normal activities were not easy to go back to.  All I could think about was how much longer it was going to be until it was time to have it taken out.  Good luck, it's not fun!
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I am still looking for an answer for my May 28 question. Thank you.
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"I have been diagnosed with acid reflux with a sliding hiatal hernia.."
I posted earlier this evening in reference to GERD and hiatal hernia.  I, too, have a hiatal hernia.  Now Im only making a suggestion...but before I do that, do all your doctor tells you to do, the tests, etc.  After I had tests done, I told my chiropractor about the GERD and he said he wished I had told him sooner because if its caused by hiatal hernia, there is a high success rate in helping to heal the hernia.  It is done by a chiropractor or osteopath who is proficient in using an instrument called an activator.  It looks like a pen and the technique is like accupressure, only a little stronger and totally painless.  I went from vomiting, having severe GERD especially if I ate any red sauce or orange juice to being on prevacid 2x a day....and now Im off the prevacid..I get weekly adjustments and I also take a natural digestive enzyme from the health food store.  If your chiropractor is knowlegeable, he/she will tell you a misaligned jaw goes along with the hernia 9 times out of 10...well my jaw is better now too...its a simple adjustment like a pen clicking the muscle into place.  Please drs. dont be upset with this post...I believe in seeing a doctor first and doing all the dr. recommends.  I can now eat pizza/have orange juice and I have no GERD whatsoever, and I had been diagnosed by an expert in this field.  He cant believe I dont have it anymore, especially when I told him about the adjustments.  It took about 6 adjustments before it really worked.  I hope this helps some other folks!
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I have to comment on the Bravo capsule and sedation controversy here. I had mine done last year at the Mayo clinic. Problem was, I had been on so much pain medication that I could not be sedated, even though they did try.
For your assurance, there is no feeling in the esophagus, you won't even know it is being put in there.
I have done this sedated before and now unsedated.
This is how it felt:

The beginning of the tube insertion I started to gag a bit, but then it stopped, then I felt a tickling feeling in my stomach (never felt any tube), after watching the procedure on the camera with the doctor, he looked around for inflammation (I never felt anything). Then he pulled up the tube ( I did not gag at all) and the nurse inserted a small tube with the bravo capsule on it, within a few seconds, she backed away and the doctor removed the tube, (still never gagged or felt anything).
As the doctor was walking away I ask if that was all there was too it, and the nurses said yes. It was done.
Now I wonder why I was ever sedated in the first place. It was too easy. And I have severe Panic Disorder, I was scared and didn't think I could do it.
But I have never had a test so easy before.
I hope this helps with your fears.
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Thank you for your input.  All of the information has helped me. I welcome anyones input.
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