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Burning All Day Long

  I am a 37 year old female.  I have had problems with burning in my throat and upper stomach since I was 27.  I have IBS and have had my gallbladder removed.  Since July of 1998 I have had frequent times where I burp, and burn all day long and into the night.  Actually when I lie down it gets better; but when I sit up at night I feel the burning coming up my throat.  At times I have this burning when I have bowel movements.  I had stomach ulcers diagnosed in 1995 and took prilosec to heal them.  These symptoms now are so frequent and severe - burning in throat, esophagus, right side of stomach.  I have been seeing a gasto-doctor; he did an endoscopy in August 1998 and said I had esophagitus and gastritis.  He put me on Prevasid and Propulsid.  Things go better until October.  Then I would have 3-4 days of constant burning as described above - no pain.  There is however soreness in the chest area where I burn so bad.  I am having difficulty at times swallowing - I can feel the food going down my esophagus.  I am now taking 20mg of Prevasid two times a day and 20mg of Propulsid 2 times a day.  Last week the doctor put me on Carafate Liquid 4 times a day.  Things seemed to get better - I finished the Carafate Thursday after using it for 10 days.  By Friday night I had severe burning - it was as if a volcano was in my stomach and esophagus.  After calling my doctor this morning, he said he wanted me to take more Carafate. Also, he said this was a lot of medication and that I should be getting better.  He said this could be bile reflux??  What is this and why is it so persistent.  If the Carafate does not work he said I would have to have the endoscopy again.  If the endoscopy didn't show anything except esophagitus and gastritis, should I take another test so soon?  Also, could this be stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, or barrets esophagus?  Please respond to this, I would really appreciate your help!
Dear tina,
It appears that the original endoscopy did not show any evidence for gastric or esophageal cancer so it is unlikely that you have these problems now.  Bile gastritis is a condition in which bile refluxes into the eaophagus causing the burning symptoms of which you complain.
Statistically, the most likely explanation for your complaints is acid reflux i9nto the chest.  To confirm the cause you will need a repeat endoscopy, motility study and 24 hr pH probe.  If maximal medical therapy fails, some physicians will offer surgery to treat the reflux.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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