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Burning pain in back left lower quadrant

  I have had stomach problems most of my adult life (I'm 36) and have had numerous Upper GIs that shown Gastro Reflux and thinning of the stomach lining.  My pain has now gravitated to the left side from under my left rib cage to my left ovary and radiates to the lower back where this constant burning, aching pain will not subside.  I even feel a small pea size lump near my front left lower left rib cage.  I have stopped taking Metamucil and the pain in my intestines has subsided, but the burning, aching pain in the back has not, as well as, the pain that the pea size lump is causing.  My left ovary feels like it's enlarged and causes sharp pains and now I have a fishy odor coming from my vagina.  Is this a sign of stomach, cervical or bone cancer?  I have been tested for lupus and the first test comes back positive, but the follow up test always comes back negative.  I have submitted stool cultures and am scheduled for a barium anemia.  Will this test show any tumors that might be in the surrounding areas?  I had a x-ray in August and the doctor said I had a lot of cysts in my intestines???  No follow up!  We have Champus insurance and I feel like just demanding a MRI or CT Scan of my abdominal area...please help.
Dear K. Munoz,
I doubt taht your symptoms represent cancer, although I am uncertain as to the specific cause.  If you have not yet had an upper endoscopy with biopsy, then I think that this test should be done to evaluate the reflux and thinning of the stomach lining.  You should also have a repeat gynecologic examination.
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