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CCK/HIDA Scan - what to expect?

Hello.  I am having a CCK/HIDA Scan tomorrow morning.  I was wondering what to expect from the test?  Will they give me an injection through a shot, or will I have an IV?  I know the test will take about 2 hours.  Will I have to lie completely still for the duration of the test?  How quickly will I receive the test results?
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Hello - thanks for asking your question.

As you know, a hida scan is a scan of the gallbladder. This test is done when the patient has been having abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and sometimes chest pain. To prepare for the test, the patient must not eat or drink anything after midnight before the test. A radiotracer will be injected and pictures will be taken right after the injection.  The injection is likely to be done via an IV.  The pictures will be taken over a period of one to two hours. Since pictures are being taken, you would have to lie still for the duration of the test. The results should be available a few days after the test.  

Kevin, M.D.

HIDA Scan - Patient Information
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Hi beccabond I have found some information for you:

You must fast for four hours prior to your exam. You may take your medications with a sip of water.

You will be asked to lie still during the images. The time for this first scan is 60 minutes.

You will be given a can of Boost Plus to drink. This stimulates the gallbladder to react as if you ate a fatty meal. You may experience abdominal cramping, pain or nausea. Images will be taken for 45 additional minutes. Following the examination you may resume normal activities.
Hopr this is useful!
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Thank you for the responses.  I was hoping to hear from someone who has had the CCK/HIDA Scan done before.  I am wondering if the CCK part of the Scan is going to make me sick so that I would need someone to drive me home following the Scan.  I have read that I may experience some cramping or nausea, so I was wondering how debilitating this would be, or how long it would last.
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I have had the Hida Scan done.  My experience was completely painless.  I drove myself there and back.  Good luck with your test!
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Thanks again to everyone.  I just got back from having my CCK/HIDA Scan.  It wasn't so bad.  The technician first injected me with some type of dye through my IV.  I had to lie still on a table with a machine over my abdomen for an hour.  After the hour was up, the technician slowly injected CCK through my IV.  He told me that everyone - regardless of whether there was a problem with their gallbladder - would not feel so great for a few minutes after the injection of CCK.  I felt a bit flushed in my face, and I had a few waves of nausea, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.  After he finished injecting the CCK, he put some saline through my IV, and I began to feel much better.  I had to lie on the table for about another 45 minutes or so.  Then it was over.  It will probably be a few days until I get my results, but the technician indicated to me that everything looked okay.
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I'm glad that everything turned out fine :)
I am wishing you the best of luck with your results!
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I got my results back today.  The nurse at my doctor's office told me that the results were normal. I questioned her on my percentage when the CCK was injected, and she told me it was 37%. I asked her whether this meant I was borderline, considering abnormal would be below 35%, but she said all she could tell me was that I was normal. Is 37% borderline, or is this truly normal? If this is borderline, will my gallbladder become progressively worse, or is there something I can do to reverse this? Thanks again.
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my daughter's first HIDA scan came back at 32%..the GI doc said she was ok, the surgeon said she was "on the fence"...preferred to see it under 30% to say the GB wasn't working. He ordered another HIDA scan and a small bowel follow thru. The 2nd HIDA scan was 6 weeks after the first one, at a different hospital. The results of the 2nd HIDA was 8%. she had her GB removed 3 weeks later.

I searched the net looking for info on whether or not your GB would/could get better. I could not find anything. Seems like once it goes bad, it's done. I would keep a detailed journal of how you feel & what exactly you are eating. If you continue to experience the same pain or it gets worse..ask for another HIDA scan...in my daughter's case (she is 19 & had no gallstones, is not fat)..anyway...we felt like a result of 8% was pretty conclusive. The surgeon said higher than 35% he didn't recommentd surgery, lower than 30% he did..at 32%, he would leave it up to us....very glad we didn't have to make that call.

i know it is a lousy thing to have to wait some more...but you sure don't want to have something removed that isn't defective..& you may end up worse off..

good luck..
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one of my daughter's main symptoms was nausea. The first GI doc had said it was IBS and she went on this low fat/low fiber diet...she felt better for a few months..then she had a classic GB "attack"....previously she had generalized mid stomach pain..not just URQ pain after eating french fries..it was very inconsisitent..hence the purpose of a journal..maybe you can figure out what triggers your discomfort..

she feels 99 percent better by the way...some things still bother her, but not much..

hang in there!
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hey..so glad to hear that are a little better...how discouraging your situation has been!
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Mine was 33.4%, and they told me that normal was 35%. Still, it all depends on the symptoms. I didn't have stones either. I had the surgery on January 24th, and had pure hell for the first two weeks. I am now able to eat plain, boiled foods (chicken and shrimp). Haven't tried beef yet, as even the chicken breast takes a long time to digest. It's a good idea to keep a journal. I have been keeping one since my surgery and was able to eliminate the things that bothered me. Doctors can't tell you much on nutrition, or what would be best for you system. You have to figure that out. Your gallbladder WON'T get better. According to what my gastroenterologist told me, it seems that once you get an attack you will always be prone to more attacks. As time goes by, they will become more frequent and more intense.

Five years I had the HIDA SCAN and it came back at 55% and he told me to have the surgery because of the symptoms. I ignored both the surgeon and gast. doctor and modified my diet (very LOW fat, to fat free in some cases), exercise (walking), and not eating after 7:00 p.m. Lots of fruits and veggies, and I lasted 5 years. But last year from February I started having these awful pains that would come and go. I ignored it until late September when I got such an awful attack, that I thought the thing had ruptured in me. By October they told me it had to come out, but I waited until after Christmas. Even the night before surgery, I had a small attack just from eating plain, boiled chicken breast! So, it all depends on how awful you feel. DO NOT rush to take it out, just in case there is something else going on. Get checked out completely, and change your diet and see how things go. Then maybe later on this year they'll do another HIDA scan and see if the number changes.....

Good luck.
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Thanks for your help.  The thing about me is that I've never had a gallbladder attack.  I don't have pain on my right side.  The doctors just thought they should do the ultrasound and CCK/HIDA Scan as a precautionary measure since my sister had her gallbladder removed after she had a baby.  My problem has been nausea, loss of appetite, and a gnawing ache over my left side for the past few months.  My endoscopy revealed gastritis, so my gastroenterologist feels like that is probably my problem.  It just really surprised me when the ejection fraction came back so close to the abnormal range.  I spoke with my internist yesterday, and he said 37% is perfectly normal for some people, or it could be that my gallbladder is on its way to dysfunctioning.  I will probably have the CCK/HIDA Scan done again in the next few months if I don't get to feeling better.
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