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Can stomach pain cause upper back pain and/or vice versa?

One week after returning from a vacation in Maui I started experiencing upper stomach distress.  Have had lower abdomen distress off/on.  Very high at top of rib cage, spreads to right/left.  Uncomfortable and heavy, like pressure.  Worse lying down.  Had crampy, stabbing pains all over abdomen and I think kidneys.  (Had kidney stone removed 10 mos ago).  Crampy feelings all over have subsided, but left with feeling of pressure and heaviness high up.  Can go days feeling ok but then have intense episode. When upper pain is there also have intense upper back pain, as if the pain shoots through from front to back, or is it back to front?  When one is there so is the other. I have degenerative disc disease quite bad for my age - 48 and know I have lots of blown discs (had L4-5 discectomy x2), have 4 bad cervical discs, that's all I know about.  3/01 a PT did neck traction to address bilateral arm tingling.  That procedure caused severe upper back (between the shoulder blades) pain that was so severe.  Something felt really wrong in my body. It left me with an extremely painful area behind left shoulder blade; hurts to breathe deeply.  It spread to center of spine between shoulder blades, it's been there for 5 mos.  Which leads to my question if my stomach distress could be related to this upper back problem.  That is my suspicion.  Could the neck traction have pulled "something" out of place to cause the stomach distress? (Have been tested for helicobacter-negative, abdomen ultrasound-negative). Thank you, from LAR
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i do not know what's causing the problem because i have been looking for MY PROBLEM for over 1 and a half year! I am so desperate.
very heavy feeling on upper chest area (pain too) and right through back. it feels that all the structures beneath the sternum (bronchus, esophagus, trachea, spine, muscle, soft tissue, connective tissue, blood vessels-- basically everything) got stuck and stretched and feel very pressurised esp when i lie on my back. do you have any comment?
i am a 29 yr old female with 15 months of breathing problem. All started
with the feel of not getting enough air mainly at rest. I won't say
exercising at that time increase the breathlessness, but i do get
palpitations just come out of the blue. I have dyspnea daily (constantly
knowing myself of not able to get enough air in), occ tightness of chest and
stabbing pain on Right sided chest pain from scapular to front. I have RUQ
pain too (around and under costal carilage)
things continue with longer duration and intensity. my stomach get bloated
after a few months with an upper chest discomfort(under sternal notch), a
blockage/congested feeling which makes me cough, streaks of blood seen. This
discomfort is worse when i lie on my back or stretching upper body from side
to side eg driving or doing house job. My throat will get a feeling of the
dry, pressurised feeling just like you have run for a bus -- at rest.
As time goes by, my RUQ pain flares up frequently, it's sharp stabbing in
nature under my ribs like a knife cutting the edge of the ribs. my SOB
worsen with
continuous discomfort on upper chest. RUQ stabbing pain and back pain occurs
when breathe in. i am scared of breathing.  i always run a low grade fever
99.4F. One day i suddenly feel that I have bad SOB (heavy chest discomfort,
tightened upper chest, and palpitation) on walking up stairs. Now
progressing to normal walking and interferring with my housework. Taking in
deep breath is a torture because my upper chest is like a stiff board which
i have to put in extra effort to do inspiration and to fight against the
somekind of restriction. i have to deliberately lift up my upper chest and
throat muscle. i feel that my diaphragm when doing inspiration is not
expanding well and stretching the esophagus or structures around it. my
swallowing is not good either, when i swallow saliva or fluid, it seems to
hold up at the back of the throat, and the fluid is sort of fight its way
down the esophagus with air present, so that loud noise heard from the
for the past couple of weeks my chest pain is worse. chest pain happen at
rest, happen when sleep (there's a night i cannot sleep at all  because of
the chest pain which last forever), happen when i walk happen when i
exercise for a few minutes.
i am scared that i am dying. i have seen many doctors. my ANA is positive
1:>320 homogenous pattern
2 esophageal manometry showed different result-- one said that i have
esophageal dysmotility (88% incoordination) one said that i have
hypersensitive esophagus.
2 echo showed different results too: one done in april 2001 show normal,
with false tendon in LV. no comment on pulmonary artery pressure, one done
in june 2001 show mild MR, TR. PASP~43mmHg normal LV systolic function
normal chamber sizes. my TRp is 33 and they add 10 (presume RA pressure to
33 making the PASP to 43). i know this is High. but how high? my doctor
didn't comment on this value at all. Note that I have pulmonary function
test a day earlier than the second echo, which i think i have inhaled some
nitric oxide in the PFT, could this affect the value in the echo the second
day? if so does it mean that my PASP will be even higher?
Can you relate my symptoms of one and a half year ago to the value of PASP?
Is my chest pain caused my ischaemia- complication of pulmonary
hypertension? causing ventricular dilatation and a incompetence tricuspid
valve? Am I getting heart failure and dying soon?
I have been suffering this for a long time, with numerous investigations
which i have lost count of.
I really hope that someone can give me some advise.
waiting list to do this test to see this doc is quite long. Do you think i
should go to get another echo?
God bless everyone.

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