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Chronic diarrhea and stomach pain

  I'm writing to find out what the differential diagnoses would be
  for diarrhea that has persisted for over three weeks in
   conjunction with stomach cramping and pain.  The upset
   stomach and diarrhea present immediately following meals.  
  There doesn't seem to be any particular foods that cause this
  more than others.Nothing seems to make the pain better or worse.
  The patient has not traveled anywhere recently and most likely
   hasn't consumed any water from a contaminated water supply.  
  Cryptosporidium doesn't seem likely.  There is a family hx
  of colon cancer for this patient.  
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Dear Andy,
The question that you pose is very difficult to answer without additional details e.g. nature of stool, presence of nocturnal stool, urgency, incontinence, blood with stool, other illnesses, etc.  The original differentaial diagnosis would focus on infectious etiologies e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium.  If there aree risk factors for HIV infection then a series of other infectious causes must be considered.
If infection is excluded I would wonder about structural causes e.g. Crohn's disease.  Malaborption is also a possibility even in the absence of significant weight loss.  Persistence of symptoms for a month would lead to workup for malabosorption, other intestinal mucosal disease, metabolic disorders.  If symptoms persist
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