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Chronic upper GI pain, some IBS?

  I woke up one morning late last July with a sharp pain just below
  the rib cage and a dull ache in the flank areas.  I assumed it
  was from drinking too much alchohol (Beer) over the weekend, as I
  frequently had the flank pain after drinking too much beer 5-or
  more in an evening.  This at times would also cause a case of
  diarreha that would only occur once the following the AM.
  I was prescribed Tagamet, that did not seem to do much after
  two weeks.  I started taking Zyban to quit smoking and quit
  (zyban) after three weeks because of the way it made me feel.
  The next day, I broke out in hives with 90% coverage over my
  body, head, between the toes, buttox, everywhere.  I was miserable
  for the next 10-days.
  The upper GI pain, the flank pain and other general abdominal
  pain, back and chest pain still continues.  The middle of October
  it was at it's peak where I was virtualy doubled over in pain and
  could not eat or sleep for a week.  I had alternating
  constipation and Diarreha, no blood, but some mucus.
  The first of December my ears started ringing and are plugged
  most of the time as though my tubes are irritated or plugged.
  I have a chronic sore throat, eyes burn (water), chronic post
  nasal drip and phlem (milky white).  My back aches constantly
  and I have a lot of joint pain and do not sleep well.
  I had lost about 20 Lbs, I only weigh about 125 lbs now, but
  my appetite is good and the weight seems to be coming back now,
  but I just haven't been able or upto eating much at times.
  So far, I have had a Barium Upper GI (Sept), Upper GI Scope (Oct),
  Ultrasound (Nov), Flex Sigmoid, (Dec), CT Scan (Jan).  All NEG.
  I spent one night in the Hospital Corinary Unit because the chest
  pain was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack.
  I have been given the gamit of blood tests all repeated 4-5 times
  all dead in the middle of normal, including, liver, pancrease,
  kidney, Pylorie, and .... HIV.
  All the stool and urine tests for blood (white/red), bacteria
  and parasites, etc, all normal.
  I have been told "Looks pretty boring", "Unremarkable", "Nothing
  Jumps out at me", "You have the guts of a 20 year old", "Spotless"
  I went to an Allergist in Dec. and was tested for a variety of
  things.  I show very, very, very positive for grasses, tree pollen,
  mold, dust-mites, cats and rabbits.
  I also know I am deathly allergic to Walleyed Pike and Filbert
  nuts (hazzel nuts).  That turns full blown anaphalactic.  Other
  things, foods, etc.  bother me a little, but are tollerable and I
  avoid them the best I can.
  I also had a "long term" sinus infection and was treated with
  Trovan, Claritin, and Rhinocort for 30 days$$$$$$
  I started taking Zantac 150mg 2 x Day two weeks ago. This has
  helped a great deal, but has not solved the problem.
  Prior, I was a heavy coffee drinker (10-12 cups BEFORE work, and
  one or two during), a moderate drinker (beer only), but
  ocassionally heavy on weekends while building a summer home,
  and about once a week on an evening out.  I would also
  drink a fair amount of pop (root beer) and I was also a
  moderate smoker. One pack a day except if I was  drinking alcohol,
  then 2-packs.  Lot's of sunflowers seeds also.  I would never
  eat breakfast or food at all in the morning, just coffee.  I would
  eat a big lunch, and then a light dinner and some snacks and
  pop or juice in the evening.
  I have never had any noticable stomach problems or any other
  health problems until then, other than too much beer on ocassion,
  and the combination of that and Pizza would show up in the AM
  as diarreha.
  Just before these symptoms came on, I passed my 40th and was in
  the process of changing my life style.  I started drinking quite
  a bit of water daily, and switched to fruit juices, Grape, Orange,
  Lemonade, etc.  Generally about 1-2 qts of juice a day.  Trimmed
  fat, cut the salt, ate more vegatables, skim milk, etc, etc. etc.
  I no longer drink coffee. No chocolot, candy, caffine, juice, pop,
  beer, tomatos, etc, etc, etc.  I have cut my smoking almost to
  none.  I have had 1-2 drinks (vodka tonic) on a Sat Night, but
  that is it.
  Nothing seems to really improve this and 6-months of pain has
  been horrible.  Broken bones, etc. hurt less and heal quicker.
  I have yet to be refered to a GI specialist.  I need no referal
  and have excellent health care and coverage.
  Oh!  I am also seeing a Psychytrist, I have had a number of very
  stressfull things happen over the course of the last two years,
  but I seemed to manage very well.
  What is going on, and should I see a GI Doc?
  This is quite a shock going 40 years in great health -- eat
  anything, drink anything, then boom it's over????? and you become
Dear Peter,
I read your psoting with great interst looking for possible clues that could lead to specific suggestuins.  Unfortunately, none were apparent.  I think that you should see agastroenterologist given the persistence and severity of your symptoms.  The multiple organs that are involved are priobably not related to a specific disease.  You may have more than one disease.  Alternatively, you rsymptoms could result from a collagen vascular disease.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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