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Colectomy Complications

Posted By AB on June 25, 1998 at 23:20:09:

My mother was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in Feb '96.
She had a total colectomy in Nov.'96,and currently has an ileostomy.
Surgery was to be in 3 segments:
1-Removal of Colon
2-Creation of Pouch
Her Colon was removed and the pouch was created.
She now lives with a drainable pouch, awaiting the third surgery.
The problem is, she suffers from hypermotility  (every piece of
food runs through her system so quickly and empties into the pouch
in a matter of minutes) and malabsorbtion (nutrients, vitamins,etc.
are unable to absorb into her body).  Because of this, she has
been hospitalized 6 times for dehydration, which really does a
number on her kidneys.
The 3rd surgery will never take place until food begins absorbing.  
Not a single doctor in the past year has been able to figure
this one out. Why is nothing absorbing?? Should she be on
a particular diet?? What if reconnection took place now??
She has been prescribed  Opium, Sandistatin (sp). Questran,
among others to try to solidify things, but NOTHING has
worked. She must empty the pouch 11-16 times a day, which makes
it rather difficult to do much. She has accepted the fact that
she may have to live with a pouch the rest of her life, but
she cannot continue with the malabsorbtion and hypermotility.
If anyone has any medical advice, or experienced
anything similiar, please let us know.
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