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Colon Cancer?

I am a 36 yr old man who has been having some problems I just thought I would ask anyone for some insight,  I am not a large fan of Doctors (please take no offense)  recently (a month) I have been having some pretty bad cramps for the last few weeks I have been having very loose bowel movement.

Not sure any suggestions on this I would greatly appreciate your insights

Thank you



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This could be anything from a lower GI infection to IBS, stress related, to a food allergy etc., If it doen't clear up in the next couple of weeks seek a medical doctor. However, if you have any family hx of cancer of colon go now and seek help.  

Have you had to take any antibotic's for anything recently? Have been out of town or city? Have you eaten anything different lately that you have never eaten before <allergies to food>? How often are you having these episodes remember drink plenty of fluids until you can seek help!  Is the stool form and just increased in frequency or is it really water or diarrhea stools?
Is it dark like black or can you see any blood. has any other part of your GI system been effected such as the way you eat, or what you eat?  Have you check your tempature? Have you been under stress?  Try to pinpoint exactly when it all started think about what all happen prior to these episodes.

Good luck and drink plenty of fluids.

See health care provider if s/s continue or stop and start again!!!!

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Oh one more thing is your abdomen distended does it seem puffy? Do you feel bloated? When you see a doctor write down everything you experienced any questions you want answered, also no question is stupid when it comes to your life okay young guy!
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I have had colon surgery wherein 2 feet of my colon was removed.  It was removed because there were so many polyps in one area.  As it turned out one of them was malignant.  I had no symptons, this was discovered by a routine colonoscopy.   I have been recuperating now for 2 1/2 months.  I did not need chemo or radiation.   Lately, I have been experiencing gas pains in my lower abdomen, and mucuous from my rectum.   I have submitted a stool sample and am awaiting results.  My gastro doctor feels I could have c. diff....I am starting Flagyl tomorrow.   I have no fever or any other symptoms other than the cramps and mucuous.   Has anyone else experienced this after colon surgery.
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Any kind of colon surgery disrupts the normal flora in the intestines sometimes antibiotic use will do the same thing. This is really not uncommon after this type of surgery. You will probably just have to take it day by day, and do as your doctor suggest.
Those lovely polyps or as they call them small benign tumors occationally there will be a nasty little cancer causing one that is over 1cm different in shape, in the bunch. If there are a lot of polyps it is impossible to biospy them all, so the doctor will just remove the section with the polyps and biopsy the ones over 1cm. Why polyps form who knows it could be a lot of reason and none at all. I would assume with your hx you have to be scoped yearly?

Take care and do as your doctor says!

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Oh and C-diff is known as exposive diarrhea it is very foul smelling, but it can be any color. I seen orange looking mostly, but I've seen it dark if someone is taking iron. The diarrhea is so bad that it just comes without warning like and exposion. I have never seen it in any other form. It can also be slimey or mucus like. I have had to deal with a lot of C-diff in profession.
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THink we got a bit ide tracked.  Your original question....most likely ibs.  Are you a hypochondriac.  Colon cancer very rare in your age group.
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