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Colonoscopy Nightmare

  My husband had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago and he told me it
  was the worst thing ever done to him.  He said he felt everything done
  to him.  I just wanted to know if that was condisered malpractice.  I'm
  studing to be a nurse and recently I had a patient who had this same
  procedure done to her and she said she didn't feel a thing.  Could they
  of not giving him enough medication.  He told them he felt everything
  but they told him it was normal.  Is it?
Dear Lina,
I'm sorry to hear about your husband's recent experience with colonoscopy. Different patients react differently to the procedure. Most of the pain that occurs is secondary to air insufflation and colonic distention. Sometimes angulated areas can be difficult to pass. Most patients are able to be adequately sedated so that they can tolerate the procedure without much discomfort. Many patients wake up after the procedure only to ask when the procedure is to begin. If your husband ever needs this procedure I would recommend that he discusses this experience with the physician who performs the procedure so that he can be better sedated the next time. I hope you find this information helpful.
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