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Confused about symptoms

I posted a question a week ago (before biopsy reports were back).  My biopsies were ok.  The MD wants me to schedule a follow-up appt although he feels no further testing is needed at this time.  I have questions because I am confused and do not know if what I am experiencing is significant.

When this began six weeks ago, there was blood in my urine on three different occassion (dip stick).  There was none in the urinalysis.  Just before I was hospitalized I began having bubbles in my urine and had pain in my right side and back.  A urine culture was negative.  I still have bubbles in my urine and back pain on the right side.  Am I drinking too much water?  I am 5'3'' and weigh 110 lbs.  I drink a lot more than 60 oz a day but with the exception of morning coffee and a small bottle of cranberry juice, water is my basic fluid intake.  (I do not drink alcohol at all).

My abdomen conts to be very distended and the pain is localized in the RLQ and back. The back pain is worse.  I still have nausea, but mostly in the evening now.  My appetite is poor but I do eat lunch because I cannot afford to lose weight.  I am a high-energy individual normally, but lately I feel so tired.  Since the endo/colonoscopy, I have been constipated.  I did take one dose of MOM but am reluctant to take another one.

Is this in my head?  Is it possible that I am drinking too much water?  Today I tried not drinking much water, but I still did not get hungry.  My abdomen is still distended and my side and back hurt.  I dread telling the doctor this because I sound like a chronic complainer.  I do not know if it is significant.  I feel frustrated because I feel like after 30 years in health care that I do not even know normal from abnormal anymore.  

Thank you for your time and for your suggestions.
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Surgeon has kindly addressed your question in his comments below and I agree with his assessment.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I couldn't find the other post to which you referred: however, bubbles in the urine could suggest a connection between the urinary tract and the intestinal tract (entero-vesicle fistula, is one common name). Most commonly this occurs with diverticulitis, an infection starting in the colon. Other causes include crohn's disease, abscess (like from a ruptured appendix) and tumors. Not all fistulas can be seen when looking into or xraying the colon. Sometimes it's necessary to look inside the bladder. If the connection is above the bladder, in the ureter (rare)it may be even harder to confirm. Having pain in the right lower abdomen suggests a process that ought to be identifiable if there is indeed a fistula: some sort of mass or inflammation ought to be visible on a CAT scan. Bubbles in the urine, depending on what it is you are describing, might not represent a fistula, if you just mean frothy urine.
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I wanted to post a question and hope for some help. I have the same symptoms as debera. However,I am male and have lower right abdomen pain between the right groin and belt line that is worse at night or when laying down. The doctor in my case felt it was slight prostrate enlargement retaining urine. He gave me flomax that helped but it has ran out and the symptoms are back even worse. My urine is frothy also.The pain is a dull but perstent ache and it runs into my hip as well. It is uncanny that the symptoms of debera and me can be so close and makes me wonder if not something else has to be happening. I feel run down with no energy also. debera if you see this and can give me some insight please forward to ***@****.    
     Any medical insight is welcome. This is very irritating. When it first began I thought it was a muscle pull and or a hernia. Apparently it is neither. I am not so sure the flomax was helping in so much as it was the prostrate at all but rather because it is a nerve pain blocker and relaxant.
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