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Connection Between Colitis And Systemic Lupus?

  Hi Doctors,  I am 33 yearold female with long history of Colitis.
  I have had recurrent spells where my gut would become so bad where
  I would start shedding pieces of intenstine and blood with Bowel Movements.
  I have had several tests over the years for this problem which the conclusion has
  been that it is an inflammotory condition.
      Now in the past three years I have been having unusual symptoms similar to
  multiple sclerosis.  I had Mri, Lumbar Puncture, EEG,EMG and Spec Scan of my brain.
  The only thing that came up on these tests was that I have a condition called Arnold-
  Chiari Malformation Type 1 with low lying cerebellar tonsils. Plus increase fluid collections in
  my ventricles. My LP showed high protein and high RBC count. My spec scan showed increased
  activity in my temporal lobe. I had blood work done and basically everything came back in
  normal range except my ANA titer showed 1.380 with speckled pattern.  My diffrential showed
  decrease in red cells, increase mono cells and Lymphocytes.
       In the last 3 months I have had new onset of increase in my
  joints swelling with rash. Extremely painful joints and lymph nodes.
  Constant unreliefed fatigue. My palms have been painfull, red and peeling
  layers of skin off. I have an appoint with a Rheumatologist this week.
  I hoping they will be able to come up with a answer to my strange
  illness. Sometimes, I feel like I am going crazy with all these
  symptoms. The doctors I have seen up to now don't know what it is
  that is making me ill. They are prepared to send me out to another
  medical facility to get some answers. Do you have any reccommendations?
  My case is a complex one and even the doctors that take care of me
  think it is some sort of autoimmuine disease. They question if it
  might be Lupus but not comfortable calling it that yet!
  I am sorry to give you such a difficult list of problems. I don't expect
  you to diagnose me over the net. I was just wondering if you might
  have some suggestions to where I should look for assistance.
  Sincerely, Anneliese Reitz
Dear  Anneliese Reitz,
Your conditionis complex and evaluation requires the integration of care of several specialties.  I suggest that you contact a Medical School in your area to arrange for coordination of care.  If you wish to make an appoinment with us, please call our Physician referral Line (800)653-6568 and make an appoinment with dr. fogel, one of our experts in the treament og gastrointestinal diseases including colitis.  He would be able to coordinate your care.
This information is presebnted for educational purposes.  ASlways consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.

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