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Continuing gastritis after cholecystectomy

  Hello. We (my mother who is a registered nurse and myself who is
  a registered pharmacist) would like another opinion on the
  infamous "post cholectectomy syndrome." My mother (age 52) has
  had gallbladder disease for many years. She was diagnosed with a
  "polyp" which turned out to be a 1 cm stone and had the gallbl.
  removed, via cholectectomy in July. Within a few weeks after
  surgery, she noticed grave pain in the mid-epigastric area, with
  fullness and nausea. She was tried on Carafate, Prilosec, and
  Pepcid. She only had intermittent symtpomatic relief. She under
  went a (gastroscopy) which identified bile in the stomach, with
  erythema. Only to find out later, that 9% of the population has
  trouble with the cholecystectomy procedure with the bile going
  the "wrong way." Instead of to the small intestine, it is secreted into the stomach. She does get mild relief from Pepcid 20mg three times daily and prn Mylanta but it seems to come on
  whenever it feels like without any warning. She was told by a specialist that this might never go away, of it may go away in 6 months. Have you
  every heard of this or have any opinion on her next step. She really does not want to continue on Pepcid for the rest of her life, but is afraid she will have to to maintain some form of comfort. Thank you for your time...Marsha
Dear Marsha,
The gall bladder is the storage site for bile when one is not eating.  After a cholecystectome, bile will constantly circulate in the gut.  Some bile may reflux into the stomach but it is not usually a cause for clinical ymptoms ( although gastritis can be seen.) I am uncertain that the symptoms described result from the gastritis.  If the pain is a persistent problem, other conditions should be excluded e.g. gastroparesis.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specifci questions to your personal physician,
*keywords: cholecystectomy

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