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Continuous Chest Pain

I have been having continuous chest pain for 4 months.
I've had the EKG and Chest Xray which was normal.
Was sent to the Gastroenterologist, had an upperscopic done,
ultra sound, and 24hr acidity test and motility test done, they
are all normal.  The only thing they did find was a small hernia, but my doctor feels that this is not causing my problem, although he has no idea what is.
Had to go off the prilosec and nexium as it would come up into my throat, and my chest pain would become worse.

I am taking Paxil and pain medication, but it is not doing any good.
My Gastroenterologist says there is nothing more he can do for me..
I don't know where to go from here.  
Anybody have any advice or experience with this??
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Please look at my thread and let me know if this is similar?
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I had a lot of chest pain at one point.  I went to a chriopractor and found the adjustments helped with the pain.  I have not felt any chest pains unless my upper back and neck are out.  Just a thaught since none of the medical tests are shoeing anything.
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Have you ever had your thyroid checked?  I went through the continuous chest pains for 10 months and told that I was fine only to find out that I had Grave's Disease & could have ended up with a heart attack.  It's a simple blood test.  Good luck.
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